In 2012, EACTS held its inaugural programme of successful training courses from its new headquarters in Windsor, UK.  The Academy programme is now well established,  providing training courses of the highest quality which are attended by delegates from all over the world.

As an educational institution, our goal is to promote a non-dogmatic learning environment that brings together people, cultures and ideas from around the world, changing lives, and helping to transform through education.

A global perspective and cultural diversity are reflected in all aspects of our teaching. We provide the knowledge and skills needed to meet your goals. We offer a full suite of courses designed to help you benefit from the skills of experienced surgeons. We can help you to create a comprehensive training plan, manage your talent, and enable you, using our market-leading experience. No matter what your particular area of need, programmes from the EACTS Academy can help you.

"One-stop-shopping" for training. Finding and booking courses through the EACTS Academy has never been easier. Find courses, build your training plan, and book according to your educational needs. Gain expert knowledge. Whether an experienced surgeon or still in training, if you want to deepen your specialist knowledge, our courses make it easy to identify and book the training you need.

We have five training tracks to choose from; Foundation, Specialist, Professional Development, International and Co-Branded.

Foundation Courses

Foundation courses aim to provide comprehensive overviews of subjects. Surgeons-in-training will have a unique opportunity to discuss clinical challenges with experienced faculty and peers from around the world. The curriculum formerly delivered at the European School for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery will now be presented as the Foundation courses. In addition, a series of Advanced Modules will be available.

Specialist Courses - Achieve expertise in specific areas

Specialist courses focus on specific diseases covering diagnosis and treatment, whilst exploring the disease indepth. The experience and talents of our faculty combine to create teaching excellence. All are experts in their fields with practical, hands-on experience.

Professional Development Courses

Professional Development is the springboard to the next level of performance and opens the doors to new thinking, inspired and facilitated by some of the world's best faculty members. It will challenge assumptions and enhance leadership skills, delivering a broader vision to both you and your organisation. Through its world-class faculty and unique learning environment, the EACTS Academy ensures that the latest thinking and trends are translated into innovative programmes.

International Activities

In addition to the courses in Windsor, EACTS also delivers courses and co-branded education in various other locations.

Co-Branded Educational Activities

Co-branded education courses are reserved for such distinguished associations and institutions deemed appropriate by the Council with the concurrence of the Association.