Foundation Courses

Foundation courses aim to provide comprehensive overviews of subjects. Surgeons-in-training will have a unique opportunity to discuss clinical challenges with experienced faculty and peers from around the world. The curriculum formerly delivered at the European School for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery will now be presented as the Foundation courses. In addition, a series of Advanced Modules will be available.

The Foundation programme consists of the following core courses that take place each year.


Fundamentals in Cardiac Surgery Part I 3-7 February
Fundamentals in Cardiac Surgery Part II 2-6 June
Thoracic Surgery Part I 31 March - 4 April
Thoracic Surgery Part II 2-5 December
Advanced Module  
Open and Endovascular Aortic Therapy 19-21 March
Congenital Surgery 27-31 October
Heart Failure: State of the Art and Future Perspectives 10-14 November