Fundamentals in Cardiac Surgery Part I

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The course will run from 2-6 February 2015

08:30 Introduction and test J Pepper, London
09:00 History of cardiac surgery J Pepper, London
09:30 Heart physiology To be announced
10:30 Break  
11:00 Cardiac critical care I To be announced
12:00 Cardiac critical care II To be announced
13:00 Lunch  
14:00 Anatomy of the heart To be announced
15:00 Extra corporeal circulation (standard) Y Abu Omar, Cambridge
15:30 Break  
16:00 Extra corporeal circulation (complex) Y Abu Omar, Cambridge
16:30 Myocardial management (principles) G Asimakopoulos, London
17:00 Myocardial management (complex) G Asimakopoulos, London
17:30 Close  
08:30 Fundamentals of echocardiogram To be announced
09:00 Q&A To be announced
09:30 Assessment of valvular heart disease To be announced
10:30 Break  
11:00 Cyanotic heart disease I A Parry, Bristol
12:00 Cyanotic heart disease II A Parry, Bristol
13:00 Lunch  
14:00 Computerised tomography angiography of heart To be announced
14:30 Cardiovascular magnetic resonance P Kilner, London
15:00 Coarctation, patent ductus arteriosus D, Anderson, London
15:30 Break  
16:00 Atrial septal defect D, Anderson, London
16:30 Ventricular septal defect D, Anderson, London
17:00 Hypoplastic left heart D, Anderson, London
17:30 Close  
08:30 Choice of therapy for aortic valve disease M Jasinski, Katowice
09:00 WETLAB - Aortic valve repair M Jasinski, Katowice
09:30 WETLAB - Aortic root repair M Jasinski, Katowice
10:30 Break  
11:00 Mitral WETLAB 1 To be announced
13:00 Lunch  
14:00 Mitral WETLAB 2 To be announced
15:30 Break  
16:00 Atrial fibrillation surgery To be announced
16:30 Ischaemic mitral regurgitation J Pepper, London
17:00 Close  
08:30 Assessment of coronary artery disease S Davies, London
09:00 Techniques of revascularization N Bonaros, Innsbruck
09:30 Coronary WETLAB
Left internal thoracic artery to left anterior descending on and off-pump with simulator
N Bonaros, Innsbruck
13:00 Lunch  
14:00 Choice of conduits M Amrani, Harefield
14:30 Coronary WETLAB
Sequential grafting
M Amrani, Harefield
16:30 Trials and guidelines in coronary artery bypass surgery M Buijsrogge, Utrecht
17:30 Close  
08:30 Mechanical complications of myocardial infarction C Mestres, Abu Dhabi
09:00 Aortic valve repair techniques M Petrou, Oxford
09:30 Videos of aortic valve repair  
10:00 Break  
10:30 Review of transcatheter aortic valve implantation and transmitral valve repair V Bapat, London
11:30 Endocarditis C Mestres, Abu Dhabi
12:00 Lunch  
13:00 Tumours of the heart M Jasinski, Katowice
13:30 Guidelines for aortic disease J Pepper, London
14:00 Implementing guidelines J Pepper, London
14:30 Multiple choice questions  
15:00 Close