Video Highlights

Videos from the 27th EACTS Annual Meeting will be added regularly over the next couple of months.

General Interviews & Highlights

  27th EACTS Annual Meeting Introduction   
  Interview with the EACTS President - W. Brawn & J. Pomar  
  Interview with the EACTS Secretary General - R. Osnabrugge & A.P. Kappetein  
  Interview with the STS President - A.P. Kappetein & D. Wood   
  Interview with the EJCTS Editor in Chief - R. Osnabrugge & F. Beyersdorf  
  Interview with the MMCTS Editor in Chief - R. Osnabrugge & M. Turina   
  Ethicon Award - P. Sergeant, V. Zahorska, N. Verberkmoes, & E. Verrier NEW!
  Techno College Highlights - V. Falk, M. Borger, R. Heijmen, & C. Ruiz  
  Evolving trends in the cardiovascular field: technological and non-technological aspects - J. Pomar & V. Fuster  

Quality Improvement Programme

  Nursing & Allied Health Professions - E. Humphrys & T. Bartley  NEW!
  Publishing Outcomes Group - D. Pagano & B. Bridgewater  
  Perfusion Group - E. Humphrys & L. Puis   
  Clinical Consensus & Guidelines Group - E. Humphrys & P. Kolh  
  Education Group - E. Humphrys & R. Sadaba  
  Interview with the Programme Manager - A.P. Kappetein & D. Pagano  
  Interview with the Project Manager - R. Osnabrugge & E. Humphrys  

Domain of Acquired Cardiac Disease

  Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Procedures - F. Maisano, R. Klautz, R. Rosenhek, & J. Kluin  
  Aviation and Cardiac Surgery - T. Syburra, U. Rosendahl, E. Nicol, S. Mitchell, & D. Bron   
  Risk prediction in cardiac surgery - D. Pagano, B. Bridgewater, & S. Nashef  
  The revascularization debate  - M. Mack, F. Mohr, P. Serruys, & N. van Mieghem  
  State of the art LVADs - M. Slaughter, G. Gerosa, J. Lahpor, & R. Osnabrugge   
  Past, present and future of CABG - S. Head, T. Kieser, F. Mohr, & P. Kolh  
  TAVI - J. Bavaria, N. Moat, N. van Mieghem, & T. Walther  
  MMCTS: Augmentation of the posterior leaflet of the mitral valve  - M. Turina & R. Dion  
  MMCTS: Transaortic transcatheter aortic valve implantation using the Edwards Sapien valve - M. Turina & V. Bapat   
  CTSNet Giants Interview - J. Dunning & F. Mohr   

Domain of Congenital Heart Disease

  Congenital Highlights - C. Schreiber, V. Hraska, & B. Gaynor  
  MMCTS: Anatomical correction of congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries - M. Turina & V. Hraska   

Domain of Thoracic Disease 

  CTSNet Innovators in Thoracic Surgery - J. Dunning & D.Gonzalez-Rivas  
  VATS Lobectomy - J. Dunning, M. Scarci, & P. Sardari Nia  

Domain of Vascular Disease

  EACTS/STS aortic session  - M. Czerny, J. Coselli, B. Brinkman, & M. Grabenwöger  
  MMCTS: Frozen elephant trunk technique - M. Turina & M. Grabenwöger