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Until 1 Jul 2017
2 Jul-11 Oct 2017^
From 6 Oct 2017
Annual Meeting (Sunday- Wednesday)
EACTS Member* €160 €330 €560
Non-Member €600 €760 €870
Trainee/Allied Health Package **
(5 day package – Techno-College AND Annual Meeting)
€230 €310 €440

Additional Sessions
Techno-College (Saturday)

EACTS Member* €130 €280 €280
Non Member €550 €650 €710
Resident/Trainee €110 €130 €160

Additional Courses/Wetlab/Drylab

 1st International EACTS Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) Co-ordinators Symposium and anti-coagulation course (Saturday) €70
Translational and Basic Science Course (Saturday-Sunday) €70
A snapshot on transcatheter aortic valve implantation (Monday) (Tuesday) €0
Hands-on arterial switch operation – Congenital drylab (Saturday) €50

^Register online at ANYTIME and avoid the on-site fees!!

*This category is for EACTS Members. Members are NOT automatically registered. Those with a completed EACTS membership application may also register within this category. To qualify for the reduced member registration fees, EACTS membership fees must have been settled by 01 July 2017. Membership subscriptions settled after this date will have to pay the full Non-Member rate. All other participants will have to register as non-members.

**This category is for Residents/ Technicians / Perfusionists/ Students / Nurse & Physician Assistants. ^ See additional information below.

*^ Important information for Trainee Fee, Residents, and Nurses applications: A letter/ certification signed by the Chief of Department of your eligibility status must be uploaded on application. Failure to produce this certification will result in the full registration fee being payable. Those registering on-site must bring a copy of this certification with them.

Registration Opening Hours

Day Date Time
Friday 6 October 14:00 – 18:00
Saturday 7 October 07:00 – 19:00
Sunday 8 October 07:30 – 19:00
Monday 9 October 07:45 – 17:30
Tuesday 10 October 07:45 – 17:30
Wednesday 11 October 08:30 – 12:00


Individual Registration

Individual Registration is for those persons who are registering THEMSELVES for the Annual Meeting and/or Techno-College. If you are registering on behalf of another person please use Group/Third Party registration

DO NOT make an Individual registration from your own account if you are NOT planning to attend the meeting

All registrations for the EACTS Annual Meeting must be submitted through the online registration form via the EACTS User Area.  If you already have a User Account from previous EACTS Annual Meeting, EACTS Courses, EACTS Membership etc you should use the same email address to login with.  If you create a new account and you already have a valid membership account you will not be recognised as an EACTS Member and will not receive the discounted registration fee.


Group Registration

Third Party/Group Registration is for those persons who are registering a) 1 or more participants (other than themselves) for the Annual Meeting and/or Techno-College or b) themselves to attend as part of a group.

DO NOT make a Third Party/Group registration if you are registering only yourself to attend the meeting.

All registrations for the EACTS Annual Meeting must be submitted through the online registration form via the EACTS User Area.

!!! Download the INSTRUCTION GUIDE !!!


I am not attending the meeting - do I need to create an account in the EACTS User Area?

Yes! You must create an account in your own name with your own email address.  This will enable you to receive all invoices and confirmations regarding your group registration.

Do I need to create accounts for my group members?

We have a large database of EACTS Members and previous attendees to Annual Meetings and/or Academy courses.  Please use the SEARCH during the registration process to find your group member first.  If they are not in our database, only then should you create a new account

Why do I need my group member's email address when creating their account?

You must enter a unique email address for your group member when creating an account.  This is the only way your member will be able to collect their Certificate of Attendance after the event

Will you be emailing my group members?

No.  All correspondence regarding the Annual Meeting registration will be the responsibility of the Group Leader.  You will have to forward Registration Confirmations to each member to enable them to collect their delegate badge on-site OR collect the delegate badge as part of the whole group

Where do I get my group members registration confirmations / invitation letters?

You can download a registration confirmation and / or an invitation letter for your group members from your User Account.  The registration confirmation should be supplied to each group member so they can collect their own badge at the E-Badge Kiosks on-site.


EACTS Annual Meeting