Training Management System

Keep your surgical career on track through the EACTS online Training Management System, a tool designed for residents, trainers and heads of training to monitor progress and evaluation throughout a resident’s training programme.

The Training Management System is a user-friendly platform that enables close coordination between residents and trainers, helping trainees to record their clinical and personal development, and trainers to access the resident’s development and provide evaluations.

The heads of training will also have access to the platform to have an overview of performance of each resident year on year.


Participation is open to all centres with at least one EACTS member as Head of Training in the department.

If you are interested in registering your centre for the upcoming Training Management System, please fill out the Registration Form on this page with the details of your institution and head of training.

Registration of your institution and Head of Training is a requirement before a trainer or trainee can register. Heads of Training are responsible for registering their trainers and/or trainees.

We are happy to give you a virtual tour of the Training Management System!

Please contact to arrange a session.

Training Management System Demo Video

Click on the Training Management System icon below to view the EACTS Training Demonstration from last year’s EACTS 30th Annual Meeting. The updated video manual is coming soon…


The Training Management System is now live!

Complete the form to register your interest…