The Quality Improvement Programme (QUIP)

What is the Quality Improvement Programme?

EACTS has established a Quality Improvement Programme (QUIP) to encourage improvement of clinical outcomes for patients and to promote the importance of integrating quality improvement initiatives in to daily clinical practice.

The Quality Improvement Programme operates two international databases, the Adult Cardiac Database (ACD) and EUROMACS. Both these tools can be used for scientific and other purposes as well.

What is the purpose of the Quality Improvement Programme?

* To provide data, software and statistical tools enabling analysis
* Compare and benchmark outcomes on an international level
* Identify areas of improvement
* Improve quality of outcomes for patients
* Generate data for scientific studies as well as clinical decision guidance


The programme of work relies on participation from EACTS members. You can nominate yourself for involvement in the QUIP by emailing

EACTS encourages members to get involved with the Quality Improvement Programme, as your support will lead to more quality improvement projects and will increase the difference we can make to our patients.


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