Adult Cardiac Database

The EACTS QUIP Adult Cardiac Database is a collaborative registry of cardiac surgical data from units across Europe. Since 2015, each participating unit has submitted a pre-defined dataset which has now been uploaded into this single central tool.

The aim of this project is to help produce evidence based guidelines to improve pre and post-operative care and allow a benchmarking platform for this specialty across Europe.

To request access to a demo version of the QUIP database, please click here.

Benchmarking Outcomes

The QUIP benchmarking tool makes use of anonymised data of surgical interventions, representing baseline data and outcomes of interventions from a given year. The benchmarking tool is accessible for a surgeon to recognise the data and outcomes from their hospital, enabling them to draw comparable data analysis with other hospitals anonymously.

Clinical Decision Guide

Because of the extremely broad spectrum of surgical interventions it will be possible to compare data of a specific patient in a participating hospital with similar cases in the database and their outcomes.

Standard and Bespoke Reports

Standard reports are reports produced at certain time intervals (eg annual reports). Any participant can approach the committee with questions concerning specific data analysis which require the anonymous use of data in the ACD.

Why join QUIP Adult Cardiac Database?

EACTS encourages members to get involved with the QUIP – ACD, as your support will lead to more quality improvement projects and will increase the difference we can make to our patients.