The 2017 EACTS/LivaNova Cardiac Surgery Innovation Award was awarded to:

Christoph Krapf, Cardiac surgery, Medical University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria
Intravascular-ultrasound-guided transcatheter valve implantation – one step towards a procedure without angiography


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LivaNova provides innovative perfusion and cannulae solutions for open-heart and minimally invasive surgery, as well as heart valve replacement or repair solutions to treat structural and congenital heart defects.

We are honored to collaborate with EACTS in sponsoring an award: EACTS/LIVA NOVA CARDIAC SURGERY INNOVATION AWARD.

The field will be “Cardiac Surgery & Perfusion practices”.
This will be an annual competition honoring outstanding researchers on clinical practices or innovative solutions for surgeons, anesthetists, and perfusionists in the cardiac surgery field.

Cardiac surgeons, anesthetists, and perfusionists are being invited to work together as a team and present their innovative approach to the treatment of aortic or mitral valve diseases and perfusion practices, as per the following specific criteria:

  1. Research focused on both surgical & perfusion practices in cardiac surgery
  2. Focus on short and long-term outcome and patient management in cardiac surgery
  3. Enhancement of clinical efficacy and resource utilization in cardiac surgery
  4. Focus on teamwork, collaboration, and communication in the OR to improve practice and outcomes.

The committee nominated by the EACTS board will select and award the most innovative research, according to one or more of the above specific criteria

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Submit an abstract for the 2018 Annual Meeting;
  • Be the first author of the paper;
  • Present unpublished work not previously presented at a major (national or International) scientific meeting;
  • Select the ‘EACTS/LivaNova Cardiac Surgery Innovation Award’ option in the abstract application process;
  • Submit a covering letter from the Director of Service or Laboratory in the Institution at which the research programme has been undertaken, indicating the originality of the investigation and the proportion of the work performed by the candidate.
  • Submit the manuscript for review by the Award Panel before 30 August 2018 (in addition to the manuscripts required by EJCTS).

The award will be 5000€.