Highlights of July issue of ICTVS journal


The new online-only issue of ICTVS journal is published now. Matthias Siepe, Editor-in-Chief, and EACTS invites you to read and share the following selection of recently published articles:

Statistical primer: basics of survival analysis for the cardiothoracic surgeon.
Author: Daniel J.F.M. Thuijs et al.

Surgical repair of atrioventricular septal defects: incidence and mode of failure of the left atrioventricular valve.
Author: Thierry Bové et al.

Risk factors for spinal cord ischaemia after thoracic endovascular aortic repair.
Author: Toshifumi Hiraoka et al.

Extracorporeal resuscitation as a further modifier of clinical outcome in patients with left ventricular assist device implantation and Interagency Registry for Mechanically Assisted Circulatory Support level 1.
Author: Edis Ljajikj et al.

Acute exercise is not cardioprotective and may induce apoptotic signalling in heart surgery: a randomized controlled trial.
Author: Benedikte T. Smenes et al.

As of now: ICVTS Journal is online-only


In order to move with the times, the Interactive CardioVascular and Thoracic Surgery (ICVTS) journal will be online only from July 2018. Most scholars already use electronic devices (laptop, tablet and/or smartphone) to read news from around the globe, to find out about the latest academic research and to share this information as well as their own work with their peers. That’s why EACTS decide to change the printed to the online version. The new version will provide market-leading functionality to all users; none of which can be offered in the print environment.

In detail:
– easily search and quickly find specific articles one is interested in
– enlarge images to view more details
– play videos
– gain access to the raw data of a study, which in the medical area is increasingly requested.

ICVTS will remain free of article processing charges (APCs) for the authors, with free access for all readers. All articles will still be published in monthly issues and each article will also include a downloadable PDF for those who prefer to have something in their hands and read on paper.

For all the people who want to get a notification about new articles, please sign here via your magazine account.

More Information about the journal: https://academic.oup.com/icvts


New advanced benchmarking features available

The benchmarking outputs team has implemented a number of advanced features and rigorous data validation processes to improve statistical analysis and research. This includes:

• Information on how many records do not meet reasonable validation criteria
• Additional metrics for hospital comparison
• More detailed filters and procedures
• Statistical controls (mean + / – 1SD, 95% CIs and IQRs)
• Survival curves by individual procedures or all-cases
• An updated clinical support tool page
• An interactive updates page for participants

See below some screenshots of the advanced benchmarking features:


This year the vascular programme will cover all the aspects of the aortic field with particular emphasis to the new attracting (transcatheters) procedures. Highlights include:

A video session giving tips and tricks about management of endovascular and open surgery complications that every surgeon could deal with during their career.

New concepts about the treatment of acute and chronic type B dissection presented in the EACTS-STS Joint sessions.

Fresh insights about the treatment and management of patients with connective tissue diseases will be presented and the session will host the most experienced surgeons on Marfan Syndrome.

World famous European and American surgeons discussing the importance and limits of the current guidelines.


The EACTS trade exhibition is an important and most time efficient way to keep up to date with new to market technology, state of the art products, innovations and developments in the cardio-thoracic market.  The exhibiting companies are looking forward to meet the people that matter to their business in one place, demonstrate new products and attract interest from new prospects and existing customers.

Please see who has already signed up at: HTTP://WWW.JMCKSOLUTIONS.COM/AUTOMAP402/EACTS/2018/STRAIGHT.ASP


Professor Hendrik Treede and the New Technology Task Force have been busy shaping Techno-College into our new format.

The new three-day format provides the opportunity of including Techno-College across all three days, and to offer participants a single fee.

Techno-College will present a three hour session each day, and will once again feature live case transmissions, live-in-a-box recordings and outward looking invited presentations.

Thursday’s session will be on how new technology can be integrated in your common practice. On Friday we will examine the Heart Team and interventional therapies and on Saturday we will focus on emerging technologies including heart failure, aortic disease and even cardioplegia strategies.

The format of our successful Techno-College Innovation Award has also changed with the Award finalists presenting their innovations in ‘The Lion’s Den’ to both the audience and a dedicated group of jurors including surgeons, cardiologists, company CEOs and venture capitalists. SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION NOW! – deadline 17 September 2018.

The ADULT CARDIAC DATABASE reaches 100,000 procedures


EACTS is pleased to announce that the Adult Cardiac Database now contains 100,000 cardiac surgical procedures in the benchmarking tool. Participating European hospitals have been submitting cardiac surgical data from 2010 onwards. This tool is accessible for surgeons to recognise the data and outcomes from their hospital, enabling them to draw comparable data analysis with other hospitals anonymously.