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Academy Organising Committees

“Academy Organising Committees are an integral part of the EACTS educational offerings. Without their hard work and dedication it would not be possible to host the wide range of high quality educational meetings that we do.

Every Conference, Summit and Forum has a specific Organising Committee made up of experts in the field, who assist with drafting the scientific programme, sharing local knowledge, and ensuring the objectives of the meeting meet the goals of the Academy and EACTS, to ensure that our membership receive the best educational experience we can offer. ”

– Aaron Ranasinghe, Academy Director

The Aortic Forum

Chairman: Ruggero De Paulis
Joseph Bavaria; Filip Casselman; Martin Czerny; Laurent de Kerchove; Gebrine El Khoury; Ismail El-Hamamsy; Anthony Estrera; Sebastian Fernandez; Emmanuel Lansac; Thomas Macgillivray; Aung Y Oo; Davide Pacini; Sonia Ronchey; Rafael Sádaba; Hans-Joachim Schäfers; Malakh Shrestha; Konstantinos Tsagakis; Jan Vojáček

EACTS Mechanical Circulatory Support Summit

Volkmar Falk, Berlin
Gloria Färber, Jena
Jan Gummert, Bad Oeynhausen
Finn Gustafsson, Copenhagen
Ivan Netuka, Prague

Minimally Invasive Techniques in Adult Cardiac Surgery (MITACS)

Gry Dahle, Oslo
Tomas Holubec, Frankfurt
Joerg Kempfert, Berlin
Wouter Oosterlinck, Leuven
Peyman Sardari Nia, Maastricht
Piotr Suwalski, Warsaw

Photo credit: DHZB Böddingmeier