Room Hire

The EACTS holds an allocation of meeting and banqueting rooms onsite at the Lisbon Congress Centre, which can be hired for corporate meetings, hospitality and/or social functions.

2018 Full day* Peak hours* Half day* 24hr*
Band A 0-25m2 €1,800 €1,000 €700 €2,500
Band B 26-69m2 €3,700 €2,000 €1,300 €5,000
Band C 70m2+ Price on application

Meeting rooms are allocated for Meetings/Hospitality functions ONLY.  Product presentations and hands-on activities are restricted to the Training Village areas.

*Half day (0800-1200 or 1430-1830); Full day (0800-1600 or 0900-1700); Peak hours (1230-1400)

Social / Hospitality Functions

Corporate social events including luncheons, receptions, dinners or any other hospitality function where no scientific presentation is made. Such events MUST NOT conflict with the main scientific or social programme of the Annual Meeting.

Staff Meetings / Hospitality

Corporate meetings are considered to be meetings of company employees, representatives and/or affiliates and are therefore permissible during the hours of the Annual Meeting.

EACTS will hold a master list of all allied functions taking place during the Annual Meeting which will be updated regularly.