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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get my certificate of attendance?

Your certificate of attendance will be sent to you via email within 2 weeks.

How can I access the presentations?

All presentations are available to EACTS member attendees on the Portal media libraries for 6 months.  Thereafter you will have access to the media library for a further 6 months via our website.

Presentations are also available to non-members on the Portal media libraries until the end of October.

Will the Annual Meeting take place this year?

Yes – via the revolutionary EACTS Portal.

Which internet browser should I use to access the EACTS Portal?

The EACTS Portal is compatible with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge, however, we recommend using Firefox.

How will I get access to the Portal when it opens?

They will receive a link to the portal. We are and will be encouraging everyone to log on ahead of time to become familiar with the portal, select their avatar, etc.

When can I create my avatar and go into the virtual event?

The EACTS Portal will be open for delegates from the 6th October 2020.

Can I search for attendees by country?

No, that is not among the attendee search criteria.

Will there be a long-term record of chats?

No, they will not be retained on the platform.

Can additional people join a conversation?

Yes, you can invite others to join a conversation in progress. Another avatar cannot simply walk up and join a conversation in that is progress, but must request admission.

Will session Q&A and moderated discussion be included when sessions are replayed and/or placed in the Media Library?


Will there be a dry run for faculty and moderators?

Yes, these will be scheduled with the faculty ahead of time.

I submitted my presentation for one of the EACTS Young Investigator Awards – will these still take place?

Yes these will still take place.

Will there be a Jeopardy competition this year?

No we do not plan to hold the Jeopardy Competition this year.

Will I get EACCME credits for attending the virtual platform?

We have applied for EACCME accreditation – this is currently under review.

Why was there a deadline for booth interest?

The August 14, 2020 deadline was in place so that our team can commence the design and programming of the virtual environment. The sooner we can get the environment designed, the sooner our exhibition partners will be able to place their individual booth elements.

Can I select the location of my virtual booth?

Preferences for locations of virtual booths will be determined based upon total sponsorship spending by each exhibitor, with an eye toward optimizing visibility, contrast, and the flow of visitors. EACTS will approve the layout of the Exhibition floor.

Do we get an overview as to our booth location?

You will not be able to select your booth space, we are building out the floor. You will be informed as to where you are located once EACTS has approved the design.

Can I change graphics and links in my booth during the Annual Meeting?

Unfortunately, no. Once the exhibition has opened, booths cannot be changed.

How do people interact with the Virtual Assistant? Can the Virtual Assistant provide different information at different times of day?

Individuals click on the “information” icon over the Virtual Assistant to view a text box, which can contain whatever data or links you care to include. The information carried by the Virtual Assistant is static throughout the Annual Meeting.

Is the Virtual Assistant active when we have staff in the booth?

Yes, the virtual assistant is in the booth at all time.

How do we upload information to the booth?

Configuration is easy, a meeting will be held with Exhibitors to support their loading the booth and to provide file specifications. The meeting contact person for each Exhibitor will receive platform access codes to start uploading their data, and EACTS will provide assistance as needed prior to the date the platform is open for general attendees (October 6, 2020).

Can we use the EACTS banner on LinkedIn?

Absolutely yes! It is available upon request.

What are the Exhibition hours?

The official Exhibition hours are 9am-5pm CET, however, the Exhibition is available to attendees 24 hours per day. We recommend that Exhibitors staff their booth as many hours as possible, perhaps leveraging their staff in the Americas to cover the European evening, and Asian staff to cover the European overnight period, as we believe that persons from those geographies are more likely to attend during those hours.

How do we draw traffic to our booth?

Exhibitors are encouraged to consider methods to virtualize all of their normal booth activities and attractions. For example, you may engage a physician or company executive to speak at your booth at a given time, and then invite others to join the conversation. Alternatively, use one of your linked graphics to engage attendees in quizzes or other activities.

Can we add additional products to our product display?

Unfortunately, the umber of products per booth is limited based upon booth size. That said, exhibitors could use linked graphics or videos included in the booth configuration to highlight additional graphics.

Will Exhibitors be able to attend sessions?

Yes, all badges have access to all public sessions. Attendance at private meetings, either in a Private Meeting Room or the Private Auditorium, is limited to those invited by the host.

What information do we get on participant clicks?

You will get a list of all of those who visited your booth, but at this time you cannot get specifics as to who clicked on which product, brochure, or video (we would hope to make that data available). You can also ask visitors for their contact details (exchange business cards) when you interact with them.

Can we limit booth content to certain audiences?

No, all content is available to all attendees.

No activation/access link after registration?

  • Some institutions or firewalls block certain emails. Check your spam folder for a mail with subject: eacts2020 is now open- access link
  • If you have not received a message after two hours of registration at the latest, please contact: avatar@eacts.co.uk

I am an EACTS member

You will be able to attend this year’s Annual Meeting for free. It is now included in your membership, however registration will still be required.

I am not currently an EACTS member

You can now join EACTS for €250 which will cover a year’s membership including attendance to the 34th Annual Meeting. Or you can register for the meeting as a non-member for €300.

I am a resident/allied health professional

You can now join EACTS for €125 which will cover a year’s membership including attendance to the 34th Annual Meeting. Or you can register for the meeting as a resident/allied health professional for €150.

I have already registered for the 34th Annual Meeting in Barcelona and note that the fees have changed. What are my next steps?

You will soon be contacted by our Registration department via email.

What does my registration fee include?

Your registration fee includes online access to all scientific sessions Thursday-Saturday and entrance to the exhibition Thursday-Saturday.

I am retired/ low income/ studying do I get any discount?

Yes there are discounts available via your membership subscription.

What is the deadline to register?

There is no registration deadline.

How do I pay for registration?

Payment can be made by bank transfer or online by credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express).

The last date for payment by bank transfer is 15 September 2020. After this date ALL payments must be made online by credit card.

I need to cancel my registration!

You can cancel your registration by sending an email to registration@eacts.co.uk.  Cancellations made on or before 15 September will have a 25% administration charge applied.  Cancellations after this date will NOT be refunded.

Can I visit just the Exhibition?

Sorry, for the 34th Annual Meeting we will not be having Exhibition Visitor passes.  To attend the exhibition online you will need to purchase a full registration.

I am a journalist and want to attend the 34th Annual Meeting. How do I register?

Please contact registration@eacts.co.uk.

Can’t find your EACTS membership number?

Please contact: avatar@eacts.co.uk

Do I have an EACTS user account already?

If you have attended any EACTS meeting or course you will have an EACTS user account.  If you have forgotten or did not set up the account yourself then use the ‘Forgot Password?’ link to reset your password. Please DO NOT create a new account for yourself – contact registration@eacts.co.uk if you are unsure about your existing account.

I didn't get an activation or reset password email, what do I do?

On occasion we have found that some institutions firewalls block our registration emails.  Please contact us at registration@eacts.co.uk if you do not receive your email to activate your user account or reset your password.

Is there any option to register as a group and do we get any discount?

Yes, group packages are available. Please complete the “Industry badges” section of the Industry Opportunities Booking Form

What group discounts are available?

Yes we are offering discounts for 5 or more registrations.

Non member/Allied Health/Trainee Registrations Discount
5 – 9 5%
10 – 19 10%
20 + 20%

Please contact registration@eacts.co.uk for further information.

Key Information Summary

Abstract Submission


General Abstract submission is now closed.

Allied Health Professionals  Abstracts will be accepted from 17 February – 14 August 2020

Late Breaking Clinical Trials   Abstracts will be accepted from 1 July – 16 August 2020

All abstracts from last year’s Annual Meeting are available in the EACTS App which is freely available to download from the Google play and Apple app store.

For more information on submitting abstracts please visit: 

EACTS General Abstract Submission

Membership & Registration

If you are a Physician or Industry representative, there are 3 options to attend:

  1. Current EACTS members should have received an invitation via email to complete their registration. If you have not received this invitation or are having issues with registration, reach out to avatar@eacts.co.uk.
  2. Non-Members can apply for EACTS membership for an annual fee of €250, and receive free access.
  3. Non-Members who do not wish to join EACTS can register for the Annual Meeting for €300 plus applicable VAT.

All nurses will receive complimentary registration.

If you are a Resident, Perfusionist, or other Allied Health professional, there are 3 options to attend:

  1. Current EACTS members should have received an invitation via email to complete their registration. If you have not received this invitation or are having issues with registration, reach out to avatar@eacts.co.uk.
  2. Non-Members can apply for EACTS membership for an annual fee of €125, and receive free access.
  3. Non-Members who do not wish to join EACTS can register for the Annual Meeting for €150 plus applicable VAT.

Our INDUSTRY OPPORTUNITIES section has a comprehensive list of opportunities and more information about how you can best showcase your organization at our annual meeting.  Please click HERE to view this year’s Industry Opportunities.

Satellite Symposia

A satellite symposium is a corporate or product related function at which a formal scientific presentation is made.  These are excellent educational opportunities for surgeons and industry partners alike. Whether you are hosting or attending this year’s satellite symposia we hope you will enjoy this excellent learning opportunity.  Click here to visit the Satellite Symposia Programme.

European CME Credits

The EACTS 34th Annual Meeting has been accredited with 20 European CME Credits (ECMEC) for the live programme sessions only (excluding satellite symposia).
Recognition agreements with USA and Canada are available, information on the process to convert EACCME® credit to AMA credit can be found at www.ama-assn.org/education/earn-credit-participation-international-activities