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How to write and submit an EACTS Abstract

The EACTS way of abstract submission is by a short Powerpoint presentation. The reason is that we think it is simpler to submit an abstract in this way and it will also a allow a faster and better review process.

Please follow the instructions carefully. A presentation which is understandable and follows the instructions is much more likely to be accepted for presentation at the meeting.

  • It is mandatory to use the PowerPoint template that EACTS provides and that can be downloaded HERE. Only this template is accepted!
  • A maximum of 7 slides is allowed!
    • Slide 1: Title & ID; the first slide contains the Title of the presentation and also the Abstract ID from the online submission site
      • Do not use the “Enter” button in your title. This action will add hard returns, which are not allowed
      • Do not use abbreviations in the title. Abbreviations may be used in the following slides
      • Do not end the title with a period (.)
      • Do not use quotation marks in a title (” “)
      • The title must not be CAPS. Do not bold, italicize, underline,superscript or subscript any items in the title.
  • Slide 2: Background and study objective (maximum 8 bullet points)
  • Slide 3: Patients (if applicable); maximum 8 bullet points
  • Slide 4: Methods (maximum 8 bullet points)
  • Slide 5: Results 1 (can include Text, Table, Graph, image, but no videos )
  • Slide 6: Results 2 (if necessary a second slide with results is allowed)
  • Slide 7: Conclusion (only text. maximum 5 bullet points)

General Instructions:

  • Not one slide is allowed to contain any reference to the hospital, university or author.  Do not include authors in the title. If you enter authors in the title, your presentation will be rejected. Do not include institutions in the title. If you enter institutions in the title, the presentation will be rejected
  • Font, size, and color for text have been formatted for you in the Slide Master
  • The minimum font size 21 pt
  • When you have finished your presentation, please save your presentation first as a PPT or PPTX file (depending on which version of Powerpoint you use) for your own reference.
  • After this use the option in PowerPoint to save your file as a PDF file. Click “File”, choose the option “Save as”, choose the location where you want to save the file, type the File name – please use your Abstract Id as the file name and in the “Save as type” list, click PDF (*.pdf). Fig 1
  • Choose the smaller file size , click “Minimum size (publishing online). Fig. 2
  • The PDF file is uploaded through the EACTS website, not the PPT or PPTX file


Fig. 1

 .                     .

Fig. 2

fig1 fig2

General abstract submission for the 32nd EACTS Annual Meeting is now closed – Authors will be notified mid-June