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EACTS is grateful to the following organisations for their support of this year’s Techno-College:


Companies will be organising satellite symposia during the 37th Annual Meeting. We are pleased to provide further information on the programme below. These sponsored programmes do not form part of the official scientific programme of EACTS. By attending these sessions, please be aware that you will be giving permission for your personal details to be shared with the company holding the symposium.

Thursday 5th October, 12:15-13:30

Date: Thursday 5 October
Time: 12:15-13:30
Room: Hall K1


Acute Aortic Dissections: the role of the AMDS Therapy in preventing DANE and resolving Malperfusion


Chairs: Dr Moon (Canada) and Mr De Silva (UK)

PERSEVERE FDA Study: trial design overview and early results
Dr Szeto

PROTECT Registry update and arch remodeling cases discussion
Professor Kempfert

The AMDS for acute DeBakey Type I aortic dissection: technical considerations for an optimal result
Dr Lühr

Team approach in the treatment of Acute Type A Dissections: from patient selection to technical skills
Mr Rajakaruna

Date: Thursday 5 October
Time: 12:15-13:30
Room: Hall K2
Contact: [email protected] 


Heart Failure & Atrial Fibrillation – an underestimated lethal relationship


  1. AF begets HF, HF begets AF (15min + 5min Q&A) Dr Ingrid Overeinder, UZ Brussels
  2. Risks and associations of HF & AF (15min + 5min Q&A) Dr Manuel Carnero, Hospital Clinico San Carlos, Madrid
  3. Treatment options: a matter for all of us (15min + 5min Q&A)

Conclusion (5minutes) Mr Stephen Billing, Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

Date: Thursday 5 October
Time: 12:15-13:30
Room: Hall G1


Infections in cardio and thoracic surgeries: Trick or Treat?

Chair: Dr Oezkur

Patient perspectives of postoperative complications in thoracic surgery
Dr Pompili

Barts Surgical Infection Risk Tool to prevent cardiac SSIs
Mr Shipolini

A journey to the cardiac SSIs bundle
Dr Oezkur

What’s new in clinical evidence for CLEAN surgery?
Professor Boisson

Date: Thursday 5 October
Time: 12:15-13:30
Room: Hall E1


RESILIA tissue: what does it take to become a new standard?

Chair: Joseph Bavaria and Martin Grabenwöger

What is RESILIA and how did it get here?
Angela De La Fuente

Mid-term outcomes of INSPIRIS RESILIA compared to Magna Ease
Francesco Onorati 

7-year COMMENCE trial data
Joseph Bavaria

Long-term economic savings associated with surgical aortic valve replacement using a RESILIA tissue bioprosthesis
Tom Nguyen


Date: Thursday 5 October
Time: 12:15-13:30
Room: Hall F1


Discovery fire session: Experts guide to managing complex SAVR cases

Chair: Professor De Kerchove
Panel: Professor Klautz 


Introduction: Embracing the surgical complexity of the future
Professor De Kerchove

Safe and sound aortic annulus enlargement: best practice with practical examples (using AvalusTM valve and Y-incision)
Dr Yang

Practical tips and tricks for a complex aortic valve replacement through mini thoracotomy (AvalusTM valve case with CorKnotTM)
Professor Bouchot

Solving the aortic root complexity with bio-bentall procedure (live-in-the-box) case review (using AvalusTM valve)
Professor Ehrlich

The real-world evidence of SAVR in complex patients’ cohort: ACE registry results, 500+ patients (with AvalusTM valve)
Professor Verbelen

Invited commentary from Prof. Klautz

Conclusion and final remarks

Date: Thursday 5 October
Time: 12:15-13:30
Room: Hall G2


Multi-country clinical experience on Novel Coaxial Drain in Cardio-Thoracic Use


How did I get convinced? Moving from traditional Chest Tube to Smart Coaxial Drain
Dr. med. Bertrand GRAND – Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgeon – Saint Cloud Clinique Val d’Or – Ile-de-France (France) 

Coaxial Drain is more effective in air leak evacuation after lung surgery
Prof. Dr. Michael R. Müller – Sigmund Freud Universität, Lehrstuhl Thoraxchirurgie – Vienna (Austria)

LiveBox Endoscopic Mitral Repair Case and Coaxial Drain post-operative Use: A Full Solution in Cardiac MIS
Dr. med. Karel Van Praet – Klinik für Herz-Thorax-Gefässchirurgie – Herzzentrum der Charité – Berlin (Germany)

Date: Thursday 5 October
Time: 12:15-13:30
Room: Room 0.14
Contact: [email protected]


Living as a part of you – different tissue restoration in cardiovascular surgery

Chair: Mark G. Hazekamp, MD, PhD/Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery & Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon, Leiden University Medical Center

Living as part of you: alternatives for reconstruction in cardiovascular surgery
Caner Salih, MBChB, MD, FRCS(CTh)/ Chief of Congenital Cardiac Surgery, Children’s Cardio-Respiratory and Intensive care, Evelina London Clinical Group, Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Foundation trust

Long-term viability, extensibility, and durability of an experimentally regenerated aortic wall in situ by SYNFOLIUM®
Shintaro Nemoto, MD, Ph.D/Professor of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University

Efficacy and Safety of a Novel Cardiovascular Patch – Insights from a Short-term Clinical Trial in Japan
Shingo Kasahara, MD, PhD,/Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Okayama University

Panel discussion

Date: Thursday 5 October
Time: 12:15-13:30
Room: Room 0.31-0.32


Controversies in Sternal Closure

Moderator: Mr. Jonathan A J Hyde

Welcome and side event opening
Mr. Jonathan A J Hyde

Sternal bone healing and the management of chronic nonunited sternotomy
Mr. John G. Edwards

Rigid plate fixation to prevent sternal complications
Mr. Jonathan A J Hyde

Sternal plating in diabetic patients: the new gold standard?
Dr. David Santer


Friday 6th October, 12:15-13:30

Date: Friday 6 October
Time: 12:15-13:30
Room: Hall K1


More than a buzzword: Patient lifetime management

Chair: Volkmar Falk (DE)
Panel: Danny Dvir (IL), Amedeo Anselmi (FR), Giuseppe Bruschi (IT), Thorsten Doenst (DE)

How to approach young patients with severe aortic stenosis
Thorsten Doenst

How to approach redo patients with aortic stenosis
Giuseppe Bruschi

How to approach long life expectancy patients with mitral regurgitation
Amedeo Anselmi 

Date: Friday 6 October
Time: 12:15-13:30
Room: Hall G1


New product innovations in pMCS and first experiences with new therapy solutions

Chairs: Payam Akhyari (Germany) and Ivan Netuka (Czech Republic)

First Experience With New pMCS Devices for Left and Right Heart Support
Scott Silvestry, USA

pMCS, ECLS, ECpella, ECmella – When, How and for Whom?
Evgenij Potapov, Germany

Awake Insertion of Impella 5.5 with SmartAssist
Kaveh Eghbalzadeh, Germany

Peri-Operatively Use of Impella Heart Pumps in Cardiac Surgery
Alexander Bernhardt, Germany

Date: Friday 6 October
Time: 12:15-13:30
Room: Hall K2


Hemoadsorption with CytoSorb after 10 years – Where do we stand?

Chairs: Sandra Lindstedt (Sweden) and Piotr Suwalski (Poland)

The Paris experience – Which patients benefit most?
Guillaume Lebreton, France

The Oslo experience – Removal of antithrombotics to reduce complications and costs
Gry Dahle, Norway

The Essen experience – Hemoadsorption in aortic surgery
Heinz Jakob, Germany

Date: Friday 6 October
Time: 12:15-13:30
Room: Hall E1


Mitral valve replacement: current perspectives

Chairs: Jose Luis Pomar & Jörg Kempfert

Mitral repair vs. replacement: should it be debatable?
Nikolaos Bonaros

When should a mitral valve be replaced?
Joerg Kempfert

Patient outcomes and long-term data with mitral valve replacement
Vinod Thourani

My personal experience with mitral valve replacement
Denis Bouchard


Date: Friday 6 October
Time: 12:15-13:30
Room: Hall F1


Discovery fire session: New frontiers for Mitral valve treatment

Chairs & Moderators: Professor Kappetein & Mr. Dincer Aktuerk
Panel: Professor Reichenspurner


Evolving landscape of Mitral valve therapy: Let’s imagine the future!
Mr. Dincer Aktuerk

Solving the key complexity of Mitral valve replacement in a minimally invasive setting: how to avoid LVOT obstruction (live-in-the-box case)
Professor Ben Gal 

Creating physiologic mitral valve movement in an endoscopic procedure (live-in-the-box case)
Professor Borger

Breaking news on transcatheter mitral valve replacement: IntrepidTM valve and Apollo trial update
Professor Modine

Conclusion and summary
Professor Kappetein & Mr. Dincer Aktuerk 

Final remarks

Date: Friday 6 October
Time: 12:15-13:30
Room: Hall G2


Segmentectomy with 3D Reconstruction

Moderator: Professor Franca Melfi


PROF RENE PETERSEN, Rigshospitalet University Hospital, Copenhagen
MR ALESSANDRO BRUNELLI, St. James’s University Hospital, Leeds, UK

Date: Friday 6 October
Time: 12:15-13:30
Room: Room 0.31-0.32


Empowering limitless Hybrid Solutions

Moderator: Professor Joseph Bavaria

Retrospective Analysis: Thoraflex Hybrid’s Journey to become the global ‘Gold Standard’ FET
Professor Malakh Shrestha

LSA proximal technique with Thoraflex Hybrid
Professor Fernando Fleischman

Initial Japan Experience with Thoraflex Hybrid
Dr. Hitoshi Matsuda

2nd stage TEVARing with Thoraflex Hybrid: Staying on label at all times
Professor Wilson Szeto

A new FET device to simplify proximal and distal redo operations: T – Next
Professor Marco di Eusanio

Raising new Standards in Thoracoabdominal surgery with Thoracoflo
Professor Dr. Sabine Wipper

Further programme information will be displayed in August 2023.


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