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A satellite symposium is a corporate or product related function at which a formal scientific presentation is made.  Satellite symposia MUST NOT conflict with the main scientific or social programme of the Annual Meeting.  A limited number of session slots will be available to book at the Austria Center Vienna (ACV) at the following times:

Available Slots (75 minutes duration per slot)

Thursday 5 October: 12:15-13:30 & 18:00-19:15
Friday 6 October: 12:15-13:30

It should be noted that, in the first round of slot allocations, preference will be given to partners who have taken booth or learning lab space on the exhibition floor. Satellite slots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Benefits include:

  • Room hire including standard heating, air cooling and power
  • Chairs for participants set up in a theatre style format
  • Table and chairs for 2-4 moderators (applicable to the size of the room) with amplification as necessary
  • 1 x speaker lectern with laptop/PC and amplification (applicable to the size of the room)
  • Central projection screen and data projector (applicable to the size of the room)
  • Basic PA system including audience and speaker microphones (applicable to the size of the room)
  • Sign at the entrance to the room incorporating satellite title and company logo (if required)
  • Permission for the placement of 1 roll-up banner advertising the symposium (max 1 x 1.5m) beside the entrance to the allocated session room (to be positioned no earlier than 30 minutes prior to the symposium)
  • Company name/logo, satellite title, date and time advertised on the Satellite Information Board in the conference venue
  • Announcement of satellite title and contact details on the satellite page of the Annual Meeting website incorporating a programme and/or company website link (if required)
  • Band A – 0-200 pax: €20,000 per slot
  • Band B – 201-300 pax: €25,000 per slot
  • Band C – 300+ pax: €30,000 per slot


Please note that the room capacities will not include any social distancing regulations. Should social distancing be enforced at the time of the Annual Meeting, room capacities will be reduced accordingly.

Expand the reach of your symposia

Record and maximize the strength of symposia is a simple way…
• to enhance visibility (365 days vs 4 days of the congress)
• to collect data and generates leads

Options include:

  1. Symposium recording assistance with customized background
  2. Ready to embed link for Live streaming on external website
  3. On demand media library
  4. Replay on the mobile app
  5. Voting on smartphone
  6. Text chat / Questions & Answers
  7. Standard Evaluation Form
  8. Capture with a 2nd camera

x 1.8*

Growth and expansion in the audience and in contacts generated when the symposia is recorded and invested in.
*statistics trend observed in major congresses

Please note, all satellite faculty will be expected to present in-person on site in Vienna.   

The fees do not include registration for your invited faculty.  ALL chairs/speakers involved in satellite programmes must be registered as delegates for the EACTS Annual Meeting unless they are participating in the main EACTS scientific programme. For any clarification regarding this, please contact us at [email protected]

When making a booking please ensure that you allow sufficient time for any catering activity, build up and breakdown. Companies requiring time in addition to that listed above should contact the EACTS Executive Secretariat and be aware that extra charges may be incurred.

All other payments relating to ancillary services (i.e., catering, audio visual, décor, furniture) will be invoiced separately by EACTS or its relevant supplier(s).


Thursday 5 – Saturday 7 October

Learning Lab space can be booked in the Exhibition Hall for companies who wish to offer onsite training activities during the Annual Meeting.  The space should be used for training purposes only – i.e., hands-on workshops including wet/dry/simulation labs or other practical sessions.  These sessions will not form part of the official scientific programme of the Annual Meeting and should be scheduled at pre-defined times on an invitation only basis.  We recommend that you restrict trainings to 10-15 pax per session.

Learning lab space will be offered at a discounted rate for those companies who also book booth space in the Exhibition Hall.

Benefits include:

  • Ability to provide one-to-one training within your own branded area within the Exhibition Hall (NB space only – does not include structure/build costs)
  • Control and management of the list of invitees, organisation, on-site management and scheduling of sessions
  • Flexibility to promote your company through branding/presentation materials within your area
  • Learning Labs will be specially branded within the Exhibition Hall and advertised in the Annual Meeting App and on the EACTS website.
  • Flexibility to promote your company through branding/presentation materials within the room


For further information regarding fees and a plan of the available sites, please contact us at [email protected].

Find out more about the Exhibition opportunities HERE.

Key Deadlines

14 July – Satellite Titles & Topics to be submitted to EACTS

11 August – Final Satellite Programmes to be submitted to EACTS (includes speakers & chairs)

Requests for satellite symposia should be made by completing and returning the Industry Opportunities Booking Form

Reservation and Payment Procedures

Bookings will not be confirmed until the official booking form has been completed, signed and returned to the EACTS Executive Secretariat. Confirmation of space will be made once the booking form has been received.  An invoice for the full amount of the satellite slot/learning labs will follow separately.

Payments must be made in Euros by bank transfer within 14 days of the date of the invoice otherwise the space will be released.  Please quote the booking reference and invoice number when making the payment:

Bank: Royal Bank of Scotland, London Belgravia Branch, 24 Grosvenor Place,
London SW1X 7HP, UK
EACTS Trading Company Limited
Sort Code: 
BIC/Swift Code: 
GB81 RBOS 1610 7010 0204 40

All other payments relating to ancillary services (i.e., catering, audio visual, décor, furniture) will be invoiced separately by EACTS or its relevant supplier(s).


Notice of cancellation must be given to the EACTS Secretariat in writing at the address on the Industry Opportunities Booking Form.  For any cancellation prior to 4 August 2023, a cancellation charge of 25% of the total charge for the satellite meeting will be made and a refund of any charges already paid in excess of this amount will be made.  The full charge of the sponsorship will be liable if notice of cancellation is received after 4 August 2023.  Full cancellation terms and conditions can be found HERE