Thursday 3rd October

Ensuring better outcomes in LVAD therapy: Recommendations, Clinical Evidence and Real-Life Examples

Options in the Treatment of MR: A New Horizon of Therapy with Transcatheter Mitral Valve Implantation (TMVI)

Surgical AF Ablation: Treatment is the New Gold Standard

Restoring Pericardial Anatomy Improves Patient Outcomes after Cardiac Surgery

Update on CytoSorb blood purification therapy: Clinical and economical effects in cardiac surgery

Chairs: Jan Gummert, Bad Oeynhausen, Germany & Günther Laufer, Vienna, Austria

Intraoperative use in endocarditis -The REMOVE trial
Torsten Doenst, Jena, Germany

Improved clinical outcome in ECMO patients
Federico Pappalardo, Milan, Italy

Enhanced hemodynamic and metabolic stability in aortic surgery
Maximilian Pichlmaier, Munich, Germany

Removal of Ticagrelor during emergency heart surgery and reduction of complications and costs
Stephan Geidel, Hamburg, Germany

Mitral Valve: Repair or Replace, with Respect.

Modern treatment of aortic valve stenosis – critical SAVR and TAVI valve performance factors

The role of Aprotinin in current Practice: 3-year real-life data from EU Centres

Friday 4th October

Treatment of mitral regurgitation across the patient spectrum.
The future is now.

Aortic Valve Repair to Replacement: From pediatric to adult

Half century of LAA occlusion: Where are we?

SPOT Grade Bleeding Severity Scale & HEMOBLAST

CytoSorb Therapy in various cardiac surgery indications

Chairs: Christian Hagl, Munich, Germany & Carlos Mestres, Zurich, Switzerland


The emergency surgical patient under Ticagrelor
Pascale Leprince, Paris, France

Effects on outcome in mitral valve infective endocarditis
Daniel Wendt, Essen, Germany

Faster control of refractory vasoplegic shock
Nandor Marczin, Harefield, UK

Reduction of inflammation in heart transplantation
Endre Németh, Budapest, Hungary

Shifting into the New Paradigm for the Aortic Valve Replacement

Future of Aortic Arch Treatment

Future of cardiac surgery through Minimally Invasive Surgery – Why Wait?

Combining knowledge and experience to set new standards in LVAD therapy

The Treatment of Mitral Regurgitation in 2019 and Beyond

Transcatheter route for heart valve replacement with Meril’s Myval THVTM

Current and Future Strategies for the Treatment of Aortic Arch Disease