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The Aortic Forum will be an in-person meeting and run from 15-16 November 2021 in Bologna, Italy.

MONDAY 15 NOVEMBER (08:15-18:30)

08:15 Welcome
08:30 Session I: The Aortic Root
Live surgery from S.Orsola Hospital, Bologna
Root anatomy. Key points for an optimal root reconstruction. Ex vivo and in vivo studies
Tailored repair for bicuspid valve. Key points to repair symmetric, asymmetric and very asymmetric valves
How to improve long-term results for the Ross procedure. Surgical strategy
Surgical strategy to approach the re-do root
Live-in-a-box videos:
Repair for isolated BAV insufficiency (normal root)
Repair for isolated TAV insufficiency (normal root)
Root and LVOT reconstruction for endocarditis
To be announced
Abstract presentations
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Session II: The Ascending Aorta and the Arch
Live surgery from S.Orsola Hospital, Bologna
New techniques in frozen elephant trunk surgery
Introducing total arch replacement with FET in South America
Organ protection in aortic arch surgery
How to avoid HCA in FET surgery
Live-in-a-box videos:
A novel approach for left subclavian artery revascularisation in FET surgery
Minimally invasive ascending aortic arch repair
Open aortic arch repair in Zone 0
FET without HCA
Abstract presentations
18:30 Close


TUESDAY 16 NOVEMBER (08:15-18:00)

08:15 Welcome
08:30 Session III: Aortic Dissection
Live surgery from University Hospital of Essen
Cannulation sites and extracorporeal strategies in acute and chronic type A aortic dissection
Timing and technical considerations for surgery of acute type A dissection in patients with previous cardiac surgery
The FET technique in acute or chronic type B dissection: Only in cases of unsuitable TEVAR?
Management of organ malperfusion in acute type A and type B aortic dissection
Live-in-a-box videos:
Management of aberrant RSA in dissection
AMDS for acute type A dissection
Endovascular technique for type A dissection in inoperable patients
ARISE TRIAL: Total Endovascular Repair of Acute Type A Dissection: Ascending, Arch & DTA (Modular)
Abstract presentations
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Session IV: The Descending Aorta
Live surgery from University Hospital of Essen
Understanding different disease mechanisms – Where to jump on the train and where to refrain from jumping
Open surgical replacement – do’s and don’ts
The three stage approach – FET/ TEVAR and 3.5 open repair
Role of branch and fenestration in thoraco-abdominal pathology
Live-in-a-box videos:
Thoracoabdominal aortic replacement after prior TEVAR
FEVAR for post-dissection aneurysmal formation
BEVAR for the treatment of degenerative thoracoabdominal aortic disease
To be announced
Abstract presentations
18:00 Close


Programme subject to change


15-16 November 2021 (2 day meeting)

Bologna, Italy

R De Paulis, Rome
Local Chairman
D Pacini, Bologna
Vascular Domain Chairman
K Tsagakis, Essen

Aortic Forum Taskforce
D Pacini; K Tsagakis; M Czerny; G El Khoury; A Oo ; S Ronchey; M Shrestha

Registration Fee
EACTS Members: €575 inclusive of VAT
Non-Members: €675 inclusive of VAT
Trainees/Residents: €275 inclusive of VAT

Registration fee includes lunch and refreshments on both days.

In-person meeting, live surgical cases, interactive lectures, live-in-a-box videos and abstract presentations

Forum Overview
The programme will feature 4 half day sessions devoted to the major areas of aortic surgery. Each session will feature a live case; invited presentations, 4 live-in-a-box videos and 2 abstract presentations related to each subject.

Each session will be shared with an international scientific cardio-thoracic association: ASCVTS (Asian Society for Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery) for the aortic root; LACES (Latin American Association for Cardiac and Endovascular Surgery) for the ascending aorta and arch; STS (Society of Thoracic Surgeons) for the dissections; and the AATS (American Association Thoracic Surgery) for the descending aorta.

Target Audience
All cardiac and vascular surgeons, cardiologists, radiologists and anaesthetists are invited to come together and broaden their competence and enjoy learning new skills in the field of major aortic surgery. It is a great opportunity for a full immersion into aortic surgery and is a unique opportunity to meet the most renowned experts in the field, confronting the most controversial aspects of surgical and endovascular therapeutic solutions.

Learning Objectives
At the end of the meeting attendees will acquire the necessary information for a competent decision-making process when facing a variety of aortic pathologies. Attendees will acquire the necessary skills to improve their performance in standard aortic procedures but will also learn the tips and tricks to approach more difficult and challenging surgical cases.

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