WiCTS Webinar Series


WiCTS – The changing face of leadership: Moving from Diversity to Inclusion

The Women in Cardiothoracic Surgery Committee (WiCTS) is delighted to announce the launch of the first Webinar Series: the Changing Face of Leadership: From Diversity to Inclusion.

Seeking to provide a forum for community-building, networking and leadership development for women cardiothoracic surgeons, the EACTS WiCTS Committee has pursued these goals by organising a webinar series to raise awareness of gender equity in cardiothoracic surgery and provide tools to address  challenges in the current landscape.

The eight-part series of 90 minute webinars will blend theory with practical information from experts and guest speakers, creating a community of like-minded peers to discuss the changing face of leadership, explore the topic of gender equity in medicine and enhance the understanding of women’s challenges in the current landscape. Throughout this series, delegates will receive expert advice and ‘tools’ to help gain and maintain influence and leadership in their roles in the cardiothoracic field.

Open to all EACTS members (free) and non members (for a fee) who support the advancement of inclusion and diversity in cardiothoracic surgery, the series will kick off on Thursday 15th September and dive straight into the heart of the gender debate ‘Medicine is not gender-neutral – She is male’, hosted by Jolanda Kluin, Chair of the Women in Cardiothoracic Surgery committee.

The webinar series will then follow every month covering a wide-range of topics and tools for surgeons to develop leadership skills and realise their ambitions as leaders in the field.

Webinar Series Overview

Please note that webinar times are in Central European Time (CET)

Registration is now open. See the Full Programme to find out more! 

EACTS is grateful to the following companies for their support of the WiCTS webinar programme:

Brought to you by the Women in Cardiothoracic Surgery Committee; Jolanda Kluin, Committee Chair