Next Generation Webinar: Is Cardiothoracic Surgery for You? A Day in the Life of a Cardiothoracic Resident

We are thrilled to introduce the EACTS Next Generation Course in Cardiothoracic Surgery, a new and unique educational opportunity for medical students and pre-training doctors. EACTS Next Generation is a six-part innovative web series that offers you the opportunity to learn directly from experienced Cardiothoracic Surgery residents and attendings from across Europe.
  • 25 Apr 2024
  • Online

Event Information

  • Date/Duration

    25 April 2024
    17:30 – 18:30 Central European Summer Time (1 hour)

  • Course Directors

    S Burton, London
    Pre-Trainee Committee Chair

    A Ramírez, Pamplona

  • Course Fee

    EACTS Members: FREE

    Non Members: Registration for your first session costs €10.
    Attend this session and you will gain access to your 2nd session for €5.
    Attend the 2nd session and gain access to your 3rd for €5 and so on.
    Keep the streak going and attend all 6 sessions for just €35.  Break your attendance streak and start again at €10.

    Member Registration and Non Member Course fee also includes access to the EACTS Case Corner which takes place on the same day.

    Kindly note the EACTS Next Generation sessions will not be recorded nor will it be available on the EACTS Media Library.

    EACTS Academy terms and conditions.

The web series welcomes everyone interested in cardiothoracic surgery, cardiology, anaesthesia, intensive care and all other specialities!

The program is an immersive experience designed to help you:

Gain Insight into the Career of Cardiothoracic Surgery: Our web series allows you to step into the shoes of cardiothoracic surgeons, offering a behind-the-scenes look at their daily routines, challenges, and successes. You’ll gain invaluable insights that extend beyond the classroom.

Prepare for Exams: EACTS Next Generation provides a unique educational perspective to help you excel in your studies. You will learn from seasoned professionals who can provide expert teaching to help you prepare for exam season.

Boost Your Portfolios: You will be provided certificates of attendance from an EACTS-certified course and significantly enhance your portfolio.

Registration will provide free access to the EACTS Case Corner Series, a more advanced web series to consolidate and learn more cardiothoracic surgical knowledge!

25 April 2024

Are you curious about a career in cardiothoracic surgery? Join us for a unique glimpse into the life of two cardiothoracic residents. Our session brings together residents from European countries who will provide an insider’s view of their daily routines and journeys as they progress through cardiothoracic training. From their early days after graduation to their more senior experience, you’ll gain insights into their operating days, on-call duties, and the life they lead beyond the surgery room. Discover if a career in cardiothoracic surgery is the right path for you and get a firsthand look at what it entails.

17:30Welcome and introductions
S Burton, London
17:40Presentation 1
N Hussein, Hull
18:00Presentation 2
M Eid, Angers
18:20Interactive Panel Q&A Discussion
Moderator: C Gollmann-Tepeköylü, Innsbruck
Programme and faculty subject to change.