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The primary aim of The European Board of Cardiothoracic Surgery (EBCTS) is to create a common high standard and qualification for the quality of cardiothoracic surgery in all European countries.  This should potentially allow for the mutual recognition of this qualification between European countries and elsewhere.

The standard of the examination is high. The standard is set to award the certificate of the Board to surgeons who have attained a level of knowledge and proficiency that can be recognised as appropriate for independent specialist practice.

Examination Dates

The date of the next MEBCTS Thoracic Surgery and Adult Cardiac & Congenital Surgery examinations are as follows:
Thoracic Surgery – 28 September 2021
Adult Cardiac & Congenital Surgery – 29 September 2021
Applications are open until 30 June 2021

The date of the FEBCTS Adult Cardiac examination is 24 June 2021.
The date of the FEBCTS Congenital examination is 23 June 2021.
The date of the FEBCTS Thoracic examination is 23 June 2021.
Applications for this diet of FEBTCS exam are closed