5th EACTS Mechanical Circulatory Support Summit

The 5th EACTS Mechanical Circulatory Support Summit will be an in-person meeting and run from 4-6 November 2021 in Berlin, Germany. THURSDAY 4 NOVEMBER (08:00-18:15) 08:00 Welcome J Gummert, Bad Oeynhausen; V Falk, Berlin; I Netuka, Prague; F Gustafsson, Copenhagen 08:15 Session 1: Current status of heart failure therapy Moderators: J Gummert, Bad Oeynhausen; M … Continue reading "5th EACTS Mechanical Circulatory Support Summit"

The 5th EACTS Mechanical Circulatory Support Summit will be an in-person meeting and run from 4-6 November 2021 in Berlin, Germany.

THURSDAY 4 NOVEMBER (08:00-18:15)
08:00 Welcome J Gummert, Bad Oeynhausen; V Falk, Berlin; I Netuka, Prague; F Gustafsson, Copenhagen
08:15 Session 1: Current status of heart failure therapy
Moderators: J Gummert, Bad Oeynhausen; M Mehra, Boston
Heart failure therapy: Update on new drugs and devices To be announced
Current organ allocation in Spain D García-Cosio, Madrid
Current organ allocation in Eurotransplant F Schönrath, Berlin
Current organ allocation in UNOS C Mahr, Seattle
SARS-CoV-2 myocarditis and the general impact of the pandemic on advanced heart failure therapy (MCS – HTX) R Schramm, Bad Oeynhausen
Short and long-term mechanical circulatory support: What are the challenges for the next decade? M Mehra, Boston
Panel discussion
10:00 Break
10:30 EACTS MCS Lifetime Recognition Award
10:45 Session 2: Update on guidelines and registries
Moderators: M Morshuis, Bad Oeynhausen; E Potapov, Berlin
Proposal for short-term MCS guidelines F Pappalardo, Milan
Update on the ISHLT MCS guidelines D Saeed, Leipzig
Update on the ESC heart failure guidelines T McDonagh, London
EUROMACS report T De By, Rotterdam
Panel discussion
Featured lecture
12:15 Lunch
13:15 Session 3: Paediatric MCS
Moderator: E Sandica, Bad Oeynhausen
Perspectives of myocardial recovery in the paediatric population O Miera, Berlin
Challenges in long-term paediatric MCS: Differences to adult patients M Huebler, Hamburg
MCS or transplant S Schubert, Bad Oeynhausen
MCS in GUCH population: Surgical technical considerations D Zimpfer, Vienna
Panel discussion
14:45 Session 4: The perioperative setting
Moderators: B O’Brien, Berlin; V Von Dossow, Bad Oeynhausen
Preimplant optimization V Von Dossow, Bad Oeynhausen
My approach is less invasive J Schmitto, Hannover
Sternotomy is my preferred access M Morshuis, Bad Oeynhausen
Is there a less invasive approach for off-pump LVAD implantation? S Tsui, Cambridge
On-pump LVAD implantation is my preferred approach E Potapov, Berlin
Panel discussion
16:15 Break
16:45 Session 5: Rehabilitation after MCS
Moderators: J Altenberger, Salzburg; C Hagl, Munich
Physical exercise in space: Lessons to learn for the critically ill ICU patient To be announced
Nutritional and physical status in VAD candidates: Impact on long-term outcomes J Stehlik, Salt Lake City
Frailty in end-stage heart failure: Impact on long-term outcomes L Röhrich, Berlin
Psychological/social rehabilitation after VAD implantation K Tigges-Limmer, Bad Oeynhausen
Panel discussion
18:15 Close
Welcome reception and poster session (18:15-19:30)
Moderators: A Bernhardt, Hamburg; S Guenther, Bad Oeynhausen; J Mulzer, Berlin; A Uribarri, Pamplona
FRIDAY 5 NOVEMBER (08:00-18:00)
08:00 Session 6: Valvular disease in long-term MCS
Moderators: V Rudolph, Bad Oeynhausen; C Starck, Berlin
How to prevent secondary aortic valve regurgitation in LVAD patients K Caliskan, Rotterdam
Secondary aortic valve replacement in ongoing LVAD therapy: Indications and outcomes S Rojas Hernandez, Bad Oeynhausen
TAVR for secondary aortic valve regurgitation J Knierim, Berlin
Interventional mitral valve procedures on LVAD V Rudolph, Bad Oeynhausen
When to approach tricuspid valve regurgitaion at LVAD implantation G Faerber, Jena
Panel discussion
09:30 Session 7: Challenges in long-term support (Case oriented)
Moderators: F Gustafsson, Copenhagen; U Jorde, New York
Clinical course of COVID-19 in LVAD patients D Lewin, Berlin
Discussant R Schramm, Bad Oeynhausen
Device infections S Guenther, Bad Oeynhausen
Discussant To be announced
Thromboembolic events I Netuka, Prague
Discussant F Kaufmann, Berlin
Graft occlusion C Hörmandinger, Berlin
Discussant D Zimpfer, Vienna
Right ventricular heart failure M Strueber, Memphis
Discussant To be announced
Management of implantable cardiac devices in LVAD patients U Jorde, New York
Discussant C Sohns, Bad Oeynhausen
Panel discussion
10:40 Break
11:00 Session 8: Unusual cases and creative solutions
Moderators: E Potapov, Berlin; S Rojas Hernandez, Bad Oeynhausen
Case presentation 1 P Lanmüller, Berlin
Case presentation 2 M Morshuis, Bad Oeynhausen
Case presentation 3 To be announced
Case presentation 4 I Netuka, Prague
Case presentation 5 D Zimpfer, Vienna
Panel discussion
12:30 5th Rising Stars Quiz
13:30 Lunch
14:30 Session 9: EACTS/EACTA LVAD Masterclass
Moderators: V Falk, Berlin; V Von Dossow, Bad Oeynhausen
Management of severe acquired coagulopathy A Koster, Bad Oeynhausen
Optimized management for INTERMACS I patients E de Waal, Utrecht
Different surgical approaches – impliances for cardiac anesthesia M Kukucka, Berlin
Standardized transesophageal echocardiography for LVAD surgery S Bouchez, Gent
Panel discussion
15:35 Session 10: Long-term support
Moderators: M Mehra, Boston; R Schramm, Bad Oeynhausen
Cardiac comorbidity in LVAD patients and their influence on long-term outcomes M Mehra, Boston
Key to success in ultra long-term LVAD support: Ideal patient characteristics U Jorde, New York
Treatment of arrhythmias in LVAD patients P Sommer, Bad Oeynhausen
Will VAD therapy replace heart transplantation? G Warnecke, Heidelberg
Panel discussion
16:30 Break
16:50 Session 11: Short-term MCS and cardiogenic shock
Moderators: B Meyns, Leuven; G Warnecke, Heidelberg
Device selection F Pappalardo, Milan
Timing in short-term MCS: When is it too early, when is it too late? R Natanov, Hannover
Combined algorithm for implantation and weaning of temporary MCS E Potapov, Berlin
Transition from temporary to durable MCS D Saeed, Leipzig
Transplant following ECLS To be announced
Panel discussion
18:00 Close
SATURDAY 6 NOVEMBER (08:00-14:00)
08:00 Session 12: Right ventricular heart failure
Moderators: E Potapov, Berlin; M Strueber, Memphis
Pathophysiolgy of right ventricular failure in LVAD therapy and patients selection for biventricular support C Mahr, Seattle
Less invasive implantation = less right ventricular failure? S Maltais, Rochester
Extracorporeal RVAD in acute right ventricular failure M Morshuis, Bad Oeynhausen
Percutaneous RVAD in LVAD patients R Natanov, Hannover
Chronic right heart failure: Myth or reality M Strueber, Memphis
Panel discussion
09:00 Session 13: Joint EACTS/HFA heart failure session
Moderators: S Anker, Berlin; J Gummert, Bad Oeynhausen; F Gustafsson, Copenhagen
When to refer the elective HF patient for LVAD evaluation: Why are we always late? S Nalbantgil, Izmir
How to set the right advanced HF team at an LVAD centre J Gummert, Bad Oeynhausen
Long-term LVAD recipients should be managed by cardiologists
PRO F Gustafsson, Copenhagen
CON E Potapov, Berlin
Panel discussion
10:00 Break
10:30 Session 14: Challenges in ongoing VAD therapy – Different centre, different approach
Moderators: I Netuka, Prague; S Rojas Hernandez, Bad Oeynhausen
Pump thrombosis: VAD exchange or lysis? I Just-Lauer, Berlin
Optimized heart failure therapy in VAD patients F Gustafsson, Copenhagen
Bacteriophages for the treatment of infections in cardiovascular surgery J Gross, Rostock
Bacteriophages in VAD related infections E Rubalskii, Hannover
Bacteriophages in VAD related infections J Mulzer, Berlin
Panel discussion
11:30 Session 15: Future of VAD management
Moderators: K Caliskan, Rotterdam; H Fox, Bad Oeynhausen
The fully implantable device I Netuka, Prague
Discussant M Morshuis, Bad Oeynhausen
Indications and interactions with other medical devices H Fox, Bad Oeynhausen
Discussant C Starck, Berlin
Hemodynamic guidance with remote monitoring sensor for pulmonary pressure in VAD therapy K Caliskan, Rotterdam
Discussant G Faerber, Jena
The intelligent VAD: Future perspectives To be announced
Panel discussion
12:30 Session 16: Update of current and upcoming devices
Moderators: M Morshuis, Bad Oeynhausen; E Potapov, Berlin
Keynote lecture – Innovation in heart failure: From lumping to splitting T Luescher, Zurich
13:00 VAD Café: Ask the Industry
14:00 Closing Remarks


Programme and faculty subject to change


4-6 November 2021 (2.5 day course)

Crowne Plaza Berlin City Centre
Berlin, Germany

J Gummert, Bad Oeynhausen; V Falk, Berlin; I Netuka, Prague and F Gustafsson, Copenhagen

Registration Fee
EACTS Members: €550 inclusive of VAT
Non-Members: €650 inclusive of VAT

Registration fee includes lunch and refreshments on all days and the welcome reception on Thursday 4 November

Proof of full Covid-19 vaccination or a negative PCR test will be required for all attendees. Documentation will need to be shown before badge collection.

Summit Format
In-person meeting, interactive lectures, live-in-a-box cases and keynote presentations

Target Audience
Cardiologists, heart failure cardiologists, emergency and ICU specialists (ECLS), cardiac surgeons, perfusionists, heart failure nurses and ventricular assist device (VAD) coordinators, medical industry (cardiac devices including ECMO development and production). Paediatric cardiologists and congenital heart disease surgeon.


New to the programme, we will be holding a poster session which will take place in the Exhibition Area from 18:15-19:30 on the 4th November.
Please note abstract submission is now CLOSED.


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  • Alexander M. Bernhardt
  • Kadir Caliskan
  • Theo de By
  • Volkmar Falk
  • Jan Gummert
  • Finn Gustafsson
  • Ulrich Jorde
  • Friedrich Kaufmann
  • Jan Knierim
  • Thomas F. Lüscher
  • Claudius Mahr
  • Mandeep R. Mehra
  • Johanna Mulzer
  • Ivan Netuka
  • Federico Pappalardo
  • Evgenij Potapov
  • Diyar Saeed
  • Jan Schmitto
  • Felix Schönrath
  • René Schramm
  • Philipp Sommer
  • Aitor Uribarri