EACTS Aortic Valve Repair Summit

The EACTS AVR Summit will take place this year in Brussels and will run from 20-21 June 2019. Please click here to view and download our flyer. THURSDAY 20 JUNE 07:45 Welcome remarks G El Khoury, Brussels 08:00 Session 1: The scope of bicuspid aortic valve (BAV) disease Moderators: Y d'Udekem, Melbourne; HJ Schäfers, Homburg … Continue reading "EACTS Aortic Valve Repair Summit"

The EACTS AVR Summit will take place this year in Brussels and will run from 20-21 June 2019.

Please click here to view and download our flyer.

07:45 Welcome remarks G El Khoury, Brussels
08:00 Session 1: The scope of bicuspid aortic valve (BAV) disease
Moderators: Y d’Udekem, Melbourne; HJ Schäfers, Homburg Saar
Natural history and burden of BAV disease H Michelena, Rochester
The spectrum and classifications of BAV disease: The missing link between valve
and aorta phenotypes
A Della Corte, Naples
Echocardiographic evaluation of aortic regurgitation and BAV anatomy M Van Dyck, Brussels
Anatomical characteristics of BAV: Towards a repair oriented classification L de Kerchove, Brussels
Panel discussion
09:15 Live case 1: BAV or TAV repair G El Khoury, Brussels
Moderators: Y d’Udekem, Melbourne; H-J Schäfers, Homburg Saar
Video session:
Isolated AI in TAV – cusp prolapse repair HJ Schäfers, Homburg Saar
Isolated AI in TAV – annuloplasty options E Lansac, Paris
Isolated AI in TAV – fenestration repair M Boodhwani, Ottawa
Panel discussion
10:45 Coffee break
11:15 Session 2: Confront the different schools of BAV repair
Moderators: Y d’Udekem, Melbourne; M Shrestha, Hannover
Remodelling and external ring annuloplasty E Lansac, Paris
Remodelling and suture annuloplasty HJ Schäfers, Homburg Saar
Internal ring plus remodelling S Rankin, Morgantown
Reimplantation L de Kerchove, Brussels
External ring with Teflon R De Paulis, Rome
Panel discussion
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Abstract session 1
Moderators: R de Paulis, Rome; Y d’Udekem, Melbourne
Aortic valve repair improves mid-term outcomes versus replacement for aortic
insufficiency: A propensity matched study
H Jabagi, Ottawa
Should patients with severe left ventricular dysfunction due to aortic regurgitation
be contraindicated for aortic valve repair?
S Arimura, Tokyo
Stability of effective height in patients following bicuspid aortic valve repair V Chauvette, Montréal
Do fenestrations influence reparability on bicuspid and tricuspid valve? P Youssefi, Paris
Is the reparative technique, in Bicuspid and Tricuspid, the first choice in aortic valve
insufficiency? Single center experience
M Masat, Treviso
Clinical results of combined aortic valve sparing and mitral valve repair E Navarra, Brussels
BAV repair – CMR mid-term results of sub commissural vs. external aortic
M Jasinski, Wroclaw
Comprehensive repair of all bicuspid aortic valve anatomies using geometric ring
M S Si, Michigan
Outcomes after bicuspid aortic valve repair with an external aortic ring annuloplasty P Youseffi, Paris
Coronary complication in case of bicuspid aortic valve repair R Sharifulin, Novosibirsk
15:00 Live case 2: BAV repair E Lansac, Paris
Moderators: Y d’Udekem, Melbourne; R De Paulis, Rome
Video: Valve sparing through partial sternotomy M Shrestha, Hannover
Is repair a durable option in severe dystrophic regurgitation in tricuspid aortic valve? S Tamer, Brussels
Panel discussion
16:20 Coffee break
16:40 Session 3: Debate on timing for surgery
Moderators: Y d’Udekem, Melbourne; H Michalena, Rochester
Young BAV patient with severe AI: Fix it now JL Vanoverschelde, Brussels
Young BAV patient with severe AI: Watchful waiting M Sitges, Barcelona
Panel discussion
Young BAV patient with aorta at 50 mm, no AI: Fix it now J Elefteriades, New Haven
Young BAV patient with aorta at 50 mm, no AI: I wait M Borger, Leipzig
Panel discussion
18:00 Close
19:30 Optional Group dinner
07:50 Welcome remarks G El Khoury, Brussels
08:00 Session 4: BAV aorthopathy and cusp repair
Moderators: Y d’Udekem, Melbourne; J Bavaria, Philadelphia
Is 45 mm still the best cut-off for aorta replacement in surgery for BAV disease: How does my practice evolve in the last 15 years in aortic valve replacement and repair M Borger, Leipzig
Can genes reading orient the treatment of patient with BAV B Loeys, Edegem
Panel discussion
Management of cusp prolapse, retraction and calcification in BAV repair M Boodhwani, Ottawa
Cusp extension to facilitate repair – When and how? P Urbanski, Bad Neustadt
Panel discussion
09:20 Live case 3: BAV or Unicuspid aortic valve (UAV) aortic insufficiency (AI) repair HJ Schäfers, Homburg Saar
Moderators: Y d’Udekem, Melbourne; J Bavaria, Philadelphia
Comparison of transvalvular flow patterns before and after aortic valve repair:
Asymmetric BAV vs. Symmetric BAV
E Girdauskas, Hamburg
BAV repair: Respect valve asymmetry J Bavaria, Philadelphia
BAV repair: Make it symmetric or tricuspid L de Kerchove, Brussels
Panel discussion
10:50 Coffee break
11:20 Session 5: BAV Repair: Outcomes and alternatives
Moderators: L de Kerchove, Brussels; Y d’Udekem, Melbourne
Long term results of BAV repair and risk factors for failure J Bavaria, Philadelphia
Ross technique is the best for unrepairable BAV I El-Hamamsy, Montréal
Mechanical or Bio Bentall remains the gold standard D Pacini, Bologna
How do I help my patients choose between these options J Kluin, Amsterdam
Panel discussion
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Abstract session 2
Moderators: E Lansac, Paris; Y d’Udekem, Melbourne
Ten-year results after implementation of an aortic valve repair programme in tertiary
non-university center
M Pettinari, Brussels
Re-repair of the bicuspid aortic valve U Schneider, Homburg Saar
Post-operative stenosis of bicuspid aortic valve repair A Shimizu, Tokyo
Partial upper sternotomy in aortic valve repair: A consecutive series E Girdauskas, Hamburg
Bioprosthetic and mechanical aortic valve replacement in hemodialysis patients N Desai, Philadelphia
Aortic valve preservation as a routine and durable procedure for aortic root disease.
Initial experience and long-term follow up
F Piccinni, Buenos Aires
The Ross Procedure: An excellent alternative in patients with aortic regurgitation and
aortic aneurysm who cannot undergo a valve-sparing procedure
V Chauvette, Montréal
Valve-sparing aortic root reimplantation and bicuspidization in monocuspid aortic valve Y Okita, Takatsuki
Intra-operative creation of native valve for Redo PVR AA Amirghofran, Brussels
14:50 Live Case 4: BAV or tricuspid aortic valve (TAV) repair G El Khoury, Brussels
16:00 Coffee break
16:20 Session 6: Congenital
Moderators: Y d’Udekem, Melbourne; J Kluin, Amsterdam
Does unicuspid aortic valve belong to BAV spectrum? HJ Schäfers, Homburg Saar
Results of UAV repair: Does patch material influence the results J Kluin, Amsterdam
Techniques and results of AV repair in infant Y d’Udekem, Melbourne
Debate: The best support for Ross in young patient with annulus & root dilatation (video)
Ross inclusion in vascular graft G El Khoury, Brussels
Ross inclusion in native root HJ Schäfers, Homburg Saar
Ross in full root with annuloplasty I El-Hamamsy, Montréal
Panel discussion
17:45 Abstract and video awards and closing remarks G El Khoury, Brussels; HJ Schäfers, Homburg Saar
18:00 Close


20-21 June 2019 (2 day course)

Course Venue
Cours Paul-Henri Spaak 1
1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert
More information

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Organising Committee 
L de Kerchove and G El Khoury, Brussels – local Course Directors
M Boodhwani, Ottawa; R De Paulis, Rome; Y D’Udekem, Melbourne; E Lansac, Paris; H J Schäfers, Homburg Saar; J Vanoverschelde, Brussels

Course Fee
EACTS Member: €550 inclusive of VAT
Non-Member: €650 inclusive of VAT
Resident: €250 inclusive of VAT

Course fee includes lunch and refreshments on both days. An optional dinner is available on Thursday 20 June for a fee of €95.00.

Course Format
Live surgical cases, presentations led by keynote international faculty, scientific debate, dynamic research, and video & abstract presentations

Course Overview

Bringing together the different schools in aortic valve repair, this year’s Summit will focus on Bicuspid Aortic Valve (BAV) disease, covering assessment and imaging, techniques of valve repair and alternatives, and patient outcomes. The aim is to integrate state-of-the-art into daily practice and to challenge current knowledge through high-level scientific debates on the main topics of aortic valve repair. The programme will also discuss and illustrate techniques of repair from the different schools to bring you two excellent days of intellectual challenges and fruitful debate.

Target Audience
Cardiac surgeons, echocardiographers (cardiologists and anaesthesiologists), radiologists and advanced residents interested in the field of valve repair who are encouraged to present their scientific work in abstract presentations.

Learning Objectives
To showcase the latest techniques in bicuspid aortic valve repair, participate in conversation, share experiences and help raise better medical evidence.


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  • Joseph Bavaria
  • Munir Boodhwani
  • Michael Borger
  • Yves d'Udekem
  • Laurent de Kerchove
  • Ruggero De Paulis
  • Alessandro Della Corte
  • Gebrine El Khoury
  • Ismail El-Hamamsy
  • John Elefteriades
  • Jolanda Kluin
  • Emmanuel Lansac
  • Bart Loeys
  • Davide Pacini
  • Hector Michelena
  • J. Scott Rankin
  • Hans-Joachim Schäfers
  • Malakh Shrestha
  • Marta Sitges
  • Johanna Takkenberg
  • Paul Urbanski
  • Michel van Dyck
  • Jean-Louis Vanoverschelde