6th EACTS Mechanical Circulatory Support Summit

The 6th EACTS Mechanical Circulatory Support Summit will be an in-person meeting and run from 17-19 November 2022 in Berlin, Germany. THURSDAY 17 NOVEMBER (08:30-19:00) 08:30 Introduction V Falk, Berlin; F Gustafsson, Copenhagen; I Netuka, Prague; J Gummert, Bad Oeynhausen 08:45 Session 1: Cardiology update Moderators: F Schönrath, Berlin; M Mehra, Boston Rhythm and heart … Continue reading "6th EACTS Mechanical Circulatory Support Summit"

The 6th EACTS Mechanical Circulatory Support Summit will be an in-person meeting and run from 17-19 November 2022 in Berlin, Germany.

THURSDAY 17 NOVEMBER (08:30-19:00)
08:30 Introduction V Falk, Berlin; F Gustafsson, Copenhagen; I Netuka, Prague; J Gummert, Bad Oeynhausen
08:45 Session 1: Cardiology update
Moderators: F Schönrath, Berlin; M Mehra, Boston
Rhythm and heart failure F Schönrath, Berlin
Medical treatment of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy C Mahr, Seattle
Medical therapy in acute heart failure F Gustafsson, Copenhagen
Xenotransplantation M Mehra, Boston
Panel discussion
10:00 Break
10:25 Session 2: Preoperative optimisation and optimal treatment in advanced heart failure patients
Moderators: J Stehlik, Salt Lake City; E Potapov, Berlin
How to reach all your LVAD candidates while in INTERMACS level 4 J Estep, Cleveland
Do we need a nutritional and prehabilitation strategy before LVAD implantation? C Stoppe, Würzburg
Mitral regurgitation and poor left ventricular function – Transcatheter edge-to-edge repair or LVAD? J Keenan, Durham
The best strategy in ischemic cardiomyopathy – Coronary artery bypass graft or LVAD? T Doenst, Jena
BVAD or LVAD with temporary RVAD in patients with biventricular failure? M Morshuis, Bad Oeynhausen
Panel discussion
Featured lecture B Griffith, Baltimore
12:15 Lunch
13:15 Session 3: The real work begins after implantation – the important role of the VAD cardiologist
Moderators: S Rojas Hernandes, Hannover; U Jorde, New York
Heart failure treatment in LVAD patients H Fox, Bad Oeynhausen
Late aortic regurgitation – diagnosis and treatment F Pagani, Ann Arbor
Early and late right ventricular failure – understanding and prediction M Mehra, Boston
Late right ventricular failure – second pump vs. total artificial heart F Arabia, Los Angeles
Timely recognition and optimal treatment of the extrinsic obstruction of outflow graft in patients supported with the modern LVAD U Jorde, New York
The value of PET-CT in patients on ventricular assist devices A Bernhardt, Hamburg
Panel discussion
15:00 Break
15:25 Session 4: Telemedicine
Moderators: P Lanmüller, Berlin; F Köhler, Berlin
Listen to your VAD – 5G Medcamp F Köhler, Berlin
What you need to know about heart failure Apps E Jankowska, Wrocław
What is the state of pulmonary artery pressure sensors in 2022- in patients with and without LVAD J Brugts, Rotterdam
Panel Discussion
16:20 Session 5: Weaning and recovery
Moderators: F Pagani, Ann Arbor; D Saeed, Leipzig
Propella concept F Spillman, Berlin
LVAD explant criteria – lessons learned E Joyce, Dublin
Weaning registry J Stehlik, Salt Lake City
How to explant LVAD in case of recovery – decommissioning vs. plug vs. full explant J Morgan, Israel
Panel discussion
17:30 Welcome reception and poster session
19:00 Close
FRIDAY 18 NOVEMBER (08:00-18:10)
08:00 Session 6: Temporary mechanical circulatory support
Moderators: G Färber, Jena; E de Waal, Utrecht
Cardiogenic shock – current treatment and results C Schulze, Jena
Extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation J Belohlavek, Prague
Hyperperfusion status – myth or valid concept? S Ott, Berlin
In charge of temporary MCS – The Cardiologist! F Gustafsson, Copenhagen
In charge of temporary MCS – The Surgeon! A Loforte, Bologna
Temporary MCS as a bridge to heart transplantation D Baran, Norfolk
Panel discussion
09:45 Break
10:15 Session 7: New options for percutaneous LVAD use
Moderators: F Arabia, Los Angeles; F Gustafsson, Copenhagen
Atrioventricular valves and microaxial pump E Potapov, Berlin
Cardiac resynchronisation therapy and microaxial pump C Starck, Berlin
Protected off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery O Dzemali, Zurich
Long-term sequelae of treatment with microaxial pumps D Lewin, Berlin
Conditioning shock patients for long-term VAD with an microaxial pump P Lanmüller, Berlin
Panel discussion
11:40 Session 8: VAD coordinators
Moderators: J Mülzer, Berlin; A-M Oppelaar, Utrecht
Who are the VAD coordinators? Outcome of European Questionnaire J Mulzer, Berlin
Experience with novel touch screen communication system of the fully magnetically levitated LVAD A-M Oppelaar, Utrecht
Precise data acquisition from fully magnetically levitated LVAD T Schlöglhofer, Vienna
Protocol for safe controller exchange of the hydromagnetically levitated LVAD R Bach, Bad Rothenfelde
Panel discussion
12:55 6th Rising Stars Quiz
13:30 Lunch
14:30 Session 9: Overview of VAD registries
Moderators: J Gummert, Bad Oeynhausen; E Joyce, Dublin
Euromacs report K Veen, Rotterdam
Intermacs report F Pagani, Ann Arbor
Itamacs A Loforte, Bologna
Panel discussion
15:30 Session 10: New developments
Moderators: F Kaufmann, Berlin; Z Tucanova, Prague
Lessons learned and ignored in the past 50 years F Kaufmann, Berlin
A prospective analysis of long-term inflow cannula interaction in the LV apex Z Tucanova, Prague
Industry updates
16:45 Break
17:10 Session 11: EACTS and EACTAIC joint session
Moderators: V Falk, Berlin
LV unloading – the echo perspective G Tavazzi, Pavia
Inflammatory signatures in MCS C Bode, Bonn
Education in MCS management S Jacobs, Leuven
Joint Expert consensus EACTS/EACTAIC E de Waal, Utrecht
Panel discussion
18:10 Close
SATURDAY 19 NOVEMBER (08:00-12:00)
08:00 Session 12: Video session – How I do it
Moderators: I Netuka, Prague; J Keenan,Durham
Berlin Y Hrytsyna, Berlin
Gratz D Zimpfer, Vienna
Leipzig D Saeed, Leipzig
Nur-Sultan S Novikova, Astana
Cleveland J Estep, Cleveland
Panel discussion
09:00 Session 13: Paediatric cardiology
Moderators: O Miera, Berlin; I Michel-Behnke, Vienna
How to improve paediatric VAD treatment based on EEPIG network O Miera, Berlin
Novel fontan cannula for paediatric extracorporeal VAD D Zimpfer, Vienna
Anticoagulation during paediatric long-term MCS I Michel-Behnke, Vienna
Anticoagulation during paediatric short-term MCS T Thiruchelvam, London
Panel discussion
10:10 Break
10:35 Session 14: Complex cases and creative solutions
Moderators: S Novikova, Astana; M Morshius, Bad Oeynhausen
Berlin G Nersesian, Berlin
Bad Oeynhausen M Morshuis, Bad Oeynhausen
Prague I Netuka, Prague
Copenhagen C Møller, Copenhagen
Bologna A Loforte, Bologna
Vienna D Zimpfer, Vienna
Panel discussion
11:50 Closing Remarks
12:00 Close


Programme and faculty subject to change


17-19 November 2022 (2.5 day course)

Hilton Berlin
Berlin, Germany

For more information please click here

V Falk, Berlin; F Gustafsson, Copenhagen; I Netuka, Prague and J Gummert, Bad Oeynhausen

Registration Fee
EACTS Members: €575 inclusive of VAT
Non-Members: €675 inclusive of VAT

Registration fee includes lunch and refreshments on all days and the welcome reception on Thursday 17 November

Summit Format
In-person meeting, interactive lectures, live-in-a-box cases and keynote presentations

Target Audience
Cardiologists, heart failure cardiologists, emergency and ICU specialists (temporary MCS), cardiac surgeons, perfusionists, heart failure nurses and VAD coordinators, medical industry (cardiac devices including ECLS development and production). Paediatric cardiologists and congenital heart disease surgeons.


Abstract submission is now open for this year’s poster session. Please ensure you submit your abstract before the deadline, Friday 7 October. For all submission information, please click HERE.


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  • Volkmar Falk
  • Finn Gustafsson
  • Ivan Netuka
  • Jan Gummert
  • David Baran
  • Alexander M. Bernhardt
  • Eric de Waal
  • Torsten Doenst
  • Omer Dzemali
  • Henrik Fox
  • Bartley Griffith
  • Yuriy Hrytsyna
  • Steven Jacobs
  • Ulrich Jorde
  • Friedrich Kaufmann
  • Jeffrey Keenan
  • Friedrich Köhler
  • Antonio Loforte
  • Claudius Mahr
  • Mandeep R. Mehra
  • Ina Michel-Behnke
  • Oliver Miera
  • Christian H. Møller
  • Johanna Mulzer
  • Gaik Nersesian
  • Svetlana Novikova
  • Francis D. Pagani
  • Evgenij Potapov
  • Sebastian Rojas Hernandez
  • Diyar Saeed
  • Thomas Schlöglhofer
  • Felix Schönrath
  • Christian Schulze
  • Josef Stehlik
  • Christian Stoppe
  • Guido Tavazzi
  • Zuzana Tucanova
  • Daniel Zimpfer