EACTS Aortic Valve Repair Summit

The EACTS Aortic Valve Repair Summit will be an in-person meeting and run from 23-24 June 2022 in Rome, Italy. THURSDAY 23 JUNE 08:00 Welcome remarks R De Paulis, Rome Day 1: THE AORTIC VALVE 08:15 Session 1: Educational module Moderators: L De Kerchove, Brussels; L Weltert, Rome 08:15 Anatomy of the aortic root. Measurements, … Continue reading "EACTS Aortic Valve Repair Summit"

The EACTS Aortic Valve Repair Summit will be an in-person meeting and run from 23-24 June 2022 in Rome, Italy.

08:00 Welcome remarks R De Paulis, Rome
08:15 Session 1: Educational module
Moderators: L De Kerchove, Brussels; L Weltert, Rome
08:15 Anatomy of the aortic root. Measurements, boundaries, and histology A Salica, Rome
08:25 Physiology of the aortic root. Annulus, sinuses, STJ and leaflets I El Hamamsy, New York
08:35 Understanding the mechanism of aortic regurgitation G El Khoury, Brussels
08:45 The root aneurysm. When to operate? Age, etiology and size H Michelena, Rochester
08:55 How to assess the geometry of the aortic valve and root HJ Schäfers, Homburg Saar
09:05 Panel discussion
09:30 Live surgery 1
Abstract session 1
Aortic valve repair visualisation and pressure device: A novel device for intraoperative evaluation of aortic valve repair
B Arabkhani, Barendrecht
Early aortic root rupture in a marfan patient I Rudez, Zagreb
Regurgitant aortic valve: spare or replace? Late comparative outcomes D Karciauskas, Prienai
10:45 Break
11:15 Session 2: Imaging
Moderators: E Lansac, Paris; L Weltert, Rome
11:15 Transoesophageal evaluation of leaflet size and configuration. Assessing leaflet prolapse in presence or absence of root dilatation A Berrebi, Paris
11:25 Assessment of the severity of aortic regurgitation and correct timing JL Vanoverschelde, Brussels
11:35 The tricky intraoperative evaluation of a repaired tricuspid aortic valve G Lemaire, Brussels
11:45 Additional information from pre and postoperative CT scan F Irace, Rome
11:55 Using all imaging to plan surgery M Boodhwani, Ottawa
12:05 Panel discussion
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Session 3: Aortic valve sparing techniques
Moderators: F Casselman, Aalst; E Lansac, Paris
13:30 Aortic root preparation for sparing surgery L De Kerchove, Brussels
13:40 A step-by-step remodeling technique +/- annuloplasty J Vojacek, Prague
13:50 A step-by-step reimplantation technique (Straight vs Valsalva) L Girardi, New York
14:00 Florida sleeve and Pears. Where is the role? What is the difference? F Rega, Leuven
14:10 Panel discussion
14:30 Live surgery 2
Abstract session 2
Aortic root and tricuspid aortic valve leaflet geometry in normal and dilated root – a propensity matched computed tomography study
M Jelenc, Ljubljana
Isolated bicuspid aortic valve repair using geometric ring annuloplasty G Maraschioni, Turin
Transforming a unicuspid unicommissural Aortic Valve into a bicuspid valve. The Neo-commissure concept K Lolakos, Thessaloniki
16:00 Break
16:30 Session 4: Point & counterpoint
Moderator: G Cibin, Padova; L Girardi, New York
16:30 Type of graft and type of annuloplasty for REMODELING HJ Schäfers vs E Lansac
16:45 Dacron graft for REIMPLANTATION? Straight or bulged? What are the pros, what are the cons? J Woo vs R De Paulis
17:00 How to correct cusp prolapse in a tricuspid valve: Eyeballing M Boodhwani, Ottawa
17:10 How to correct cusp prolapse in a tricuspid valve: Use of a caliper HJ Schäfers, Homburg Saar
17:20 Isolated tricuspid valve repair: Addressing the annulus E Lansac, Paris
17:30 Panel discussion
18:00 Close
08:30 Session 1: Educational module
Moderators: J Bavaria, Philadelphia; R Sádaba, Pamplona
08:30 The bicuspid valve and the ascending aorta. Genetic and hemodynamic what is their interplay? A Della Corte, Naples
08:40 A worldwide consensus for bicuspid valve classification H Michelena, Rochester
08:50 The advantages of a repair-oriented classification L De Kerchove, Brussels
09:00 The spectrum of the aortic annulus in bicuspid valve I Chirichilli, Rome
09:10 Panel discussion
09:30 Live surgery 3
Abstract session 3
Geometric ring annuloplasty for bicuspid aortic valve repair during aortic aneurysm surgery: Mid-term outcomes of a multi-center study J S Rankin, Morgantown
Very asymmetric bicuspid aortic valve repair with valve-sparing
root reimplantation in 210-150 orientation
J Kelly, Philadelphia
Bicuspid aortic valve type 1: asymmetric repair vs tricuspidalisation A G Quarti, San Lazzaro di Savena
10:45 Break
11:15 Session 2: The root and the bicuspid valve: An intimate relationship
Moderators: L Weltert, Rome; J Woo, Stanford
11:15 How to repair symmetric bicuspid valves C Antona, Milan
11:25 How to deal with bicuspid valve asymmetry. A walk-through of various options:
1. Respect the asymmetry
J Bavaria, Philadelphia
11:35 2. Replace the root and modify valve orientation G El Khoury, Brussels
11:45 3. Reduce the dilated sinus to increase the symmetry HJ Schäfers, Homburg Saar
11:55 Panel discussion
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Session 3: Special anatomical and clinical situations
Moderators: I El Hamamsy, New York; R Sádaba, Pamplona
13:30 Combining valve sparing with aortic arch replacement M Shrestha, Hannover
13:40 Anatomic variations in coronary presentations. Is it a technical problem? How do I solve it? E Chen, Atlanta
13:50 Aortic valve repair through a minimally invasive approach: Pros and cons T Holubec, Frankfurt
14:00 When to avoid a valve repair. Pathology, age, emergency, experience; what are the main factors? J Bavaria, Philadelphia
14:10 Panel discussion
14:30 Live surgery 4
Abstract session 4
Physical and mental recovery after aortic valve surgery in non-elderly patients: Native valve vs. prosthetic valve replacement
T Holst, Augsburg
How to start Aortic Valve Repair? S Queron, Marseille
16:00 Break
16:15 Session 4: Considering clinical conditions and patient characteristics
Moderators: E Chen, Atlanta; L Weltert, Rome
16:15 Comparison of the long-term outcomes of valve sparing vs. Bentall F Casselman, Aalst
16:25 Acute aortic dissection. Valve sparing vs Bentall M Shrestha vs G Cibin
16:40 Older age (over 70 years). Valve sparing vs Bentall L De Kerchove vs D Pacini
16:55 Debate with all speakers: When not to do a valve sparing operation
17:30 Closing remarks and awards R De Paulis, Rome


Programme subject to change

The EACTS Aortic Valve Repair Summit, Rome, Italy, 23/06/2022-24/06/2022 has been accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®) with 14 European CME credits (ECMEC®s).
Each medical specialist should claim only those hours of credit that he/she actually spent in the educational activity.


23-24 June 2022 (2 day meeting)

Sheraton Parco de’ Medici Rome Hotel
Rome, Italy

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R De Paulis, Rome

Summit Fee
Members: €570
Non-Members: €670
Resident: €270

Fees include lunch and refreshments on both days. An optional dinner is available on Thursday 23 June for a fee of €95.00.  This fee includes a shuttle to and from the Sheraton Parco de’ Medici Rome Hotel.

Proof of  Covid-19 vaccination will not be requested by the venue, however all attendees will be required to wear face masks while in the meeting room.

Summit Format
In-person meeting, live surgical cases, interactive lectures, live-in-a-box videos and abstract presentations

Summit Overview
Bringing together the different schools in aortic valve repair, this year’s Summit will have educational modules covering all aspects that are necessary to approach the disease of the aortic valve and root.  Anatomy, physiology and all aspects of imaging will be considered and integrated with the various surgical options and the different surgical strategies.  State-of-the-art surgical treatment will be shown and discussed with formal presentations and live surgical cases.  A  special focus is devoted to the bicuspid aortic valve and its close relationship with the root aneurysm. This programme will bring you two excellent days of intellectual challenges and fruitful debates.

Target Audience
Cardiac surgeons, echocardiographers (cardiologists and anaesthesiologists), radiologists and advanced residents interested in the field of valve repair who are encouraged to present their scientific work in abstract presentations.

Learning Objectives
To showcase the latest techniques in aortic valve repair, participate in conversation, share experiences and help raise better medical evidence.


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  • Ruggero De Paulis
  • Joseph Bavaria
  • Munir Boodhwani
  • Filip Casselman
  • Edward Chen
  • Ilaria Chirichilli
  • Laurent de Kerchove
  • Alessandro Della Corte
  • Gebrine El Khoury
  • Leonard N. Girardi
  • Tomas Holubec
  • Francesco Giosuè Irace
  • Guillaume Lemaire
  • Davide Pacini
  • Rafael Sádaba
  • Hans-Joachim Schäfers
  • Malakh Shrestha
  • Jean-Louis Vanoverschelde
  • Jan Vojacek
  • Luca Weltert
  • Joseph Woo