3rd EACTS European Mechanical Circulatory Support Summit

The 3rd EACTS European Mechanical Circulatory Support Summit will run from 1-3 November 2018 THURSDAY 1 NOVEMBER (08:00-18:00) 08:00 Welcome Bolero (Berlioz) V Falk, Berlin; J Gummert, Bad Oeynhausen 08:15 Session 1: The heart failure patient - drugs, clips, device therapy - the right treatment for the right patient at the right time Glory (Glinka) … Continue reading "3rd EACTS European Mechanical Circulatory Support Summit"

The 3rd EACTS European Mechanical Circulatory Support Summit will run from 1-3 November 2018

THURSDAY 1 NOVEMBER (08:00-18:00)
08:00 Welcome
Bolero (Berlioz)
V Falk, Berlin; J Gummert, Bad Oeynhausen
08:15 Session 1: The heart failure patient – drugs, clips, device therapy – the right treatment for the right patient at the right time
Glory (Glinka)
Chairs: M Mehra, Boston; F Schönrath, Berlin
New drugs for  heart failure N Uriel, Chicago
Treatment of structural valve disease in heart failure patients in:
Aortic stenosis H Baumgartner, Münster
Functional mitral regurgitation M De Bonis, Milan
Sensors and wearables – the future of heart failure monitoring F Schönrath, Berlin
Heart transplantation – is there a future? M Mehra, Boston
Panel discussion: H Baumgartner, M De Bonis, M Mehra, F Schönrath, N Uriel
10:00 Break
10:30 Session 2: Guidelines in practice
The transatlantic express (Rekord!)
Chairs: C Mahr, Seattle; F Pappalardo, Milan
ESC Heart Failure Guidelines F Ruschitzka, Zurich
AHA/ACC Guidelines C Yancy, Chicago
EACTS expert opinion F Gustafsson, Copenhagen
Interactive case based implementation J Stehlik, Salt Lake City
EUROMACS report T De By, The Hague
Panel discussion: T De By, F Gustafsson, C Mahr, F Pappalardo, F Ruschitzka, J Stehlik,C Yancy
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Session 3: Temporary mechanical circulatory support
Cinderella goes to the ball (Prokofiev)
Chair: J Schmitto, Hannover
Extracorporeal life support in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest J Belohlavek, Prague
Temporary mechanical circulatory support and the ICU specialist F Pappalardo, Milan
Microaxial pump – from cardiological to surgical device A Bernhardt, Hamburg
Pitfalls of extracorporeal life support U Boeken, Düsseldorf
Beyond temporary extracorporeal life support –  weaning or transition to long-term ventricular assist device E Potapov, Berlin
Interactive case based implementation J Gummert, Bad Oeynhausen
Panel discussion: J Belohlavek, A Bernhardt, U Boeken, J Gummert, F Pappalardo, E Potapov, J Schmitto
14:45 Break
15:00 Session 4: The frail patient
Fragile (Sting)
Chairs: G Sayer, Chicago; S Sündermann, Berlin
Why measure the fraility in candidates for left ventricular assist device  G Sayer, Chicago
How to measure the fraility in heart failure patients R Cogswell, Minneapolis
Ethical considerations in frail and otherwise non-standard patients S Joseph, Dallas
Sabre dance (Khachaturyan)
– Ventricular assist device for everybody W Dembitsky, San Diego
– Ventricular assist device only for those who can read the manual S Jacobs, Berlin
Panel discussion: R Cogswell, W DembitskyS Jacobs, S Joseph, G Sayer, S Sündermann
16:45 Session 5: Weaning
Pictures at an exhibition (Musogorsky)
Chairs: G Torre-Amione, Houston; C Tschöpe, Berlin
Inflammation – a trigger for heart failure G Torre-Amione, Houston
Anti-inflammatory effects of ventricular unloading C Tschöpe, Berlin
Perspectives in supporting recovery J Stehlik, Salt Lake City
How to prove myocardial recovery – outflow graft balloon occlusion and pump stop echo: Technical tips and tricks J Knierim, Berlin
Panel discussion: J Knierim, J Stehlik, G Torre-Amione, C Tschöpe
18:00 Close
Welcome reception (18:00-19:30)
FRIDAY 2 NOVEMBER (08:00-18:45)
08:00 Session 1: The right ventricular challenge
Scheherazade (Rimsky-Korsakov)
Chairs: F Gustafsson, Copenhagen; I Netuka, Prague
Right ventricular conditioning for left ventricular assist device  J Lavee, Tel Aviv
Predictors for right ventricular failure after left ventricular assist device implantation – are there any? E Potapov, Berlin
Temporary right ventricular assist device  F Hennig, Berlin
Primary biventricular support – need and options G Gerosa, Padua
Interactive case based implementation V Falk, Berlin
Panel discussion: V Falk, G Gerosa, F Gustafsson, F Hennig, J Lavee, I Netuka, E Potapov
09:30 Session 2: The left ventricular challenge
Scheherazade (Rimsky-Korsakov)
Chairs: A Haverich, Hannover; J Stehlik, Salt Lake City
Minimal invasive vs. optimal invasive surgery D Zimpfer, Vienna
Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction – any role for mechanical circulatory support B Pieske, Berlin
Small left ventricle W Dembitsky, San Diego
Interactive case based implementation P Pergantis, Berlin
Panel discussion: W Dembitsky, A Haverich, P Pergantis, B Pieske, J Stehlik, D Zimpfer
10:45 Break
11:15 Session 3: The device challenge
Scheherazade (Rimsky-Korsakov)
Chair: J Börgermann, Bad Oeynhausen; C Starck, Berlin
Are all pumps the same – a critical review of outcomes J Börgermann, Bad Oeynhausen
One pump fits all vs. personalised devices M Mehra, Boston
Wishful thinking – what should be changed in the pump design of tomorrow? M Slaughter, Louisville
Continuous flow biventricular assist device implantation J Lavee, Tel Aviv
Panel discussion: J Börgermann, J Lavee, M Mehra, M Slaughter, C Starck
12:30 3rd EUMS Rising Stars Quiz
Thus spoke Zarathustra (Strauss)
13:30 Lunch
14:30 Session 4: How to reduce side effects of long-term left ventricular assist device therapy
Peter and the wolf (Prokofiev)
Chairs: A Loforte, Bologna; C Yancy, Chicago
Aortic insufficiency N Uriel, Chicago
Late right ventricular failure D Kretzschmar, Jena
Aortic insufficiency and right ventricular failure – interactive JJ Eulert-Grehn, Berlin
Outflow graft obstruction F Kaufmann, Berlin
Gastrointestinal bleeding on ventricular assist device – pathophysiology and options for prevention U Jorde, New York
Thromboembolic events – pathophysiology and options for prevention B Sun, Minneapolis
Panel discussion: JJ Eulert-GrehnU Jorde, F Kaufmann, D Kretzschmar, A Loforte, B Sun, N Uriel, C Yancy
16:15 Break
16:45 Session 5: Shared care
The sweetest sounds (Rodgers)
Chairs: M Müller, Berlin; N Uriel, Chicago
European experience M Müller, Berlin
American experience B Sun, Minneapolis
Social media as an educational tool D Christensen, Philadelphia
The role of heart failure networks shared care shared knowledge M Slaughter, Louisville
Heart failure medication on left ventricular assist device  C Mahr, Seattle
Exercise on ventricular assist device F Edelmann, Berlin
Panel discussion: D Christensen, F Edelmann, C MahrM Müller, M Slaughter, B Sun, N Uriel
18:45 Close
SATURDAY 3 NOVEMBER (08:00-14:30)
08:00 Session 1: Paediatric
March of the wooden soldiers (Tchaikovsky)
Chairs: M Hübler, Zürich; J Photiadis, Berlin
Indications for implantation and explantation of short-term support J Photiadis, Berlin
Indications for implantation and explantation of long-term support I Adachi, Houston
Long-term support of failing single ventricle S Ovroutski, Berlin
One or two pumps support for biventricular circulation O Miera, Berlin
Panel discussion: I Adachi, M Hübler, O MieraS Ovroutski, J Photiadis
09:15 Session 2: Intelligent pumping and smart materials
Symphony fantastique (Berlios)
Chairs: G Gerosa, Padua; U Jorde, New York
The importance of smart pumps N Uriel, Chicago
Integration of microelectromechanical systems pressure sensor into ventricular assist device systems K Bourque, Burlington
Integration of advanced pacemaker technology into ventricular assist device systems M Hess, Minneapolis
The importance of smart surface E Mazza, Zürich
Telemonitoring F Köhler, Berlin
Panel discussion: K Bourque, G Gerosa, M Hess, U Jorde, F Köhler, E Mazza, N Uriel
10:45 Break
11:00 Honorary Lecture: Xenotransplant will replace ventricular assist device therapy A Haverich, Hannover
Somewhere over the rainbow (Arlen/Harburg)
11:30 Session 3: Unusual cases and creative solutions
Patetique Symphony (Tchaikovsky)
Chairs: M Morshuis, Bad Oeynhausen; P Suwalski, Warsaw
Berlin, Germany C Knosalla, Berlin
Bad Oeynhausen, Germany
M Morshuis, Bad Oeynhausen
Prague, Czech Republic I Netuka, Prague
San Diego, United States of America
W Dembitsky, San Diego
Minnesota, United States of America B Sun, Minneapolis
Bologna, Italy A Loforte, Bologna
13:00 Session 4: Update of current and prospective devices
Song of the Indian guest (Rimsky-Korsakov)
Chairs: F Kaufmann, Berlin; T Doenst, Jena
14:30 Closing Remarks 
Grand March, Aida (Verdi)

Music advisor: Alexander Malter


1-3 November 2018 (3 day course)

Berlin, Germany
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V Falk, Berlin and J Gummert, Bad Oeynhausen

Registration Fee
Members: €550 inclusive of VAT
Non-Members: €650 inclusive of VAT

Course fee includes lunch and refreshments on all days and the welcome reception on Thursday 1 November

Summit Format
Interactive lectures, live-in-a-box cases and keynote presentations

Target Audience
Cardiologists, heart failure cardiologists, emergency and ICU specialists (ECLS), cardiac surgeons, perfusionists, heart failure nurses and ventricular assist device (VAD) coordinators, medical industry (cardiac devices including ECMO development and production). Paediatric cardiologists and congenital heart disease surgeon.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about how to find the right treatment for the right patient at the right time
  • Use of temporary MCS systems in emergency situations and in the ICU
  • Learning of recommendations for VAD use from major societies and from recently published guidelines
  • New surgical techniques for VAD implantation, as well as unusual solutions of complex surgical problems in VAD patients
  • How to avoid long-term complications during VAD treatment
  • Learn about shared care and the role of social media for VAD patients and caregivers
  • Learn about myocardial recovery in children and adults
  • Review and learn about the latest developments and perspectives in the VAD field


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  • Volkmar Falk
  • Jan Gummert
  • Alexander M. Bernhardt
  • Udo Boeken
  • Michele De Bonis
  • Theo de By
  • Walter Dembitsky
  • Finn Gustafsson
  • Stephan Jacobs
  • Ulrich Jorde
  • Friedrich Kaufmann
  • Jan Knierim
  • Friedrich Köhler
  • Jacob Lavee
  • Claudius Mahr
  • Ivan Netuka
  • Federico Pappalardo
  • Evgenij Potapov
  • Jan Schmitto
  • Felix Schönrath
  • Mark Slaughter
  • Guillermo Torre-Amione