Ludwig Müller

Ludwig Müller is Vice Director of the Department of Cardiac Surgery at Innsbruck Medical University. He established minimally invasive aortic valve surgery through partial sternotomy at Innsbruck University Hospital in 1997, MIC mitral valve surgery through mini-thoracotomy in 2001 and AVR through mini-thoracotomy in 2006. He also has been the surgical partner in Austria’s first heart team and established TAVI and interventional mitral valve edge-to-edge plasty together with his cardiological partners in his department in 2008. In 2009 he founded FOCUS Valve International Training Course for Minimally Invasive Valve Surgery at Innsbruck University, an annual educational event which he directs from the beginning. Since 2014 he is actively involved in the development of 3D video assisted total endoscopic cardiac surgery. Besides these activities and routine cardiac surgery, he is Director of the Innsbruck Lung Transplant Program in which he has performed more than 260 lung and heart lung transplants. Ludwig Müller is past president of the Austrian Society of Cardiac and Thoracic Vascular Surgery.