Join the team of the EACTS Residents Committee


The EACTS Residents Committee is looking for a resident to join the team. The Residents Committee is devoted to representing the views and interests of European residents, identify issues in training and facilitate education. The Committee aims to find common ground in current European Training Programmes in order to develop standards in surgical training. It collaborates with other agencies in manpower planning. The Committee encourages membership of EACTS, promotes communication channels and supports academic activity. It works together with the domains and other committees of EACTS (and other organisations, other disciplines, cardiology). Its members endeavour to carry out their tasks with commitment and transparency and ensure accessibility to the Committee for all European surgeons in training.

Click here to apply for this position, providing a letter of motivation along with your CV and publication list. The final selection would take place at the Council Meeting in October and allowing the new member to attend the Residents Committee meeting in February 2019.  The deadline for applications is 30 September 2018.