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EUROMACS offers the tools to collect clinical procedural updates as well as scientific data for patients receiving mechanical circulatory support (MCS).

EUROMACS unites individuals and institutions with the goal of running a European registry for data from patients with mechanical circulatory support systems. The data collected will then be made available for research purposes.


The aims of Euromacs are to:
• Promote scientific research with respect to the care of patients with end stage heart failure, and who have received mechanical circulatory support (MCS) by means of a ventricle assist device (VAD) or a total artificial heart (TAH) for a longer period of time.
• Maintain a registry in which the clinical data of the implantation and the long term follow up of patients who have received mechanical circulatory support is collected
• Offer to its members a software tool with which they can administrate and analyse the clinical data of their own patients on a daily basis
• Facilitate scientific studies by making the Euromacs Registry data anonymously available to research groups
• Stimulate cooperation with clinical institutions, with peer associations, and e.g. third parties to which anonymous patient data are transmitted for scientific purposes.
• Publish annual reports –comparable to those of other registries- giving an overview of Euromac’s activities, the stock of data, and an insight in the progress of scientific studies which make use of the Registry

EUROMACS Scientific Articles

The focus of the EUROMACS Registry is to promote scientific research for the care of patients with end-stage heart failure and who have received mechanical circulatory support. Between 1 January 2016 and 1 December 2018, 35 proposals were submitted to the EUROMACS Committee, 7 studies have been published and one has been published in the EJCTS.

Click here to access the published EUROMACS scientific research and other relevant articles. 

EUROMACS Committee

The EUROMACS Committee consists of more than 200 members from 41 countries.

Contact Us

If you would like to know more about the EUROMACS and how to get involved please email us at [email protected]