Residents Committee

The Residents Committee is devoted to representing the views and interests of European residents, identify issues in training and facilitate education.

The Committee aims to find common ground in current European Training Programmes in order to develop standards in surgical training. It collaborates with other agencies in manpower planningThe Committee also encourages membership of EACTS, promotes communication channels and supports academic activity. It works together with the domains and other committees of EACTS (and other organisations, other disciplines, cardiology).

Its members endeavour to carry out their tasks with commitment and transparency and ensure accessibility to the Committee for all European surgeons in training.

Join the Residents Committee: Applications are now closed.

Join the Residents Committee

Do you want to participate in shaping the future of CTS?

The EACTS Residents Committee announce three open positions from October 2019.

All applications will be scored via a pre-defined transparent scoring system, rating the contents of the motivation letter, the scientific contributions of the applicant, previous activity in national resident associations, other organisational activities, education, obtained awards and acquired funding.

Applications are now closed for this position.

We work together with the Domains (Vascular, Acquired Cardiac, Congenital Heart, Thoracic Disease) in the planning of the session content during the Annual Meetings of EACTS.

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We support academic activity for cardiothoracic and vascular surgical residents who are aiming at successful scientific achievements, who want to be involved in clinical, translational as well as basic science in addition to their clinical training or as a main area of activity.

For more information please visit the ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES Page

We facilitate education and support residents in career planning.

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We promote communication channels between Surgeons in Training and renowned specialists of cardiothoracic and vascular surgery fields.

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We encourage membership of EACTS and we ensure accessibility to the Committee for all European surgeons in training.

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