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Residents Committee

The EACTS Residents Committee is devoted to representing the views and interests of European Cardiothoracic surgery residents and helping to identify issues in training and facilitate education.

The Committee aims to find common ground in current European Cardiothoracic Training Programmes in order to develop standards in surgical training.  The Committee also encourages residents to become EACTS members and become active participants in EACTS academic activities.  

The EACTS Residents Committee is a valuable resource for all European cardiothoracic surgeons in training.  Its members endeavour to carry out their tasks with commitment and transparency. 

Annual Meeting Activities for Residents


We work together with the EACTS Domains (Vascular, Acquired Cardiac, Congenital Heart, Thoracic Disease) in planning session content during the EACTS Annual Meetings.

Residents Programme
Join our resident-specific sessions prepared by and for residents including:

Residents – how to do it
Witness sophisticated procedures, learn new techniques and discuss their implications on everyday practice with experts!

Nightmares in CT Surgery
Can it get any worse? Learn how experienced experts have solved their biggest nightmare in the OR!

S.O.S Session
Severe bleeding and a crashing patient – Present your own critical case and ask for expert advice from well-known senior surgeons: how would they have proceeded?

Outside the Box Session
Do you think there is more in life than clinical routine? Have you ever implanted an ECMO in a desert? Have you heard of virtual reality for surgical training? Think Outside the Box !

Jeopardy Competition
Are you ready for the challenge? Compete with teams from all over Europe in a thrilling “Jeopardy” session and show us what you know! The winning team is going to the meeting of the STS to compete with American colleagues.

 How you can participate:

Create a team comprised of two “Cardio-Thoracic” trainees or one “cardiac” trainee and one “thoracic” trainee

Each team member to sign up by 28 July – (Details to follow)

Each team member to provide a letter of eligibility from their head of training, which includes a commitment that they can attend the EACTS Annual Meeting and the STS Annual Meeting (should they win).

Each team member will be required to take an individual online screening examination and answer 60 questions in 20 minutes, which will be open from (TBD)

The top 4 national teams will compete in Lisbon. The winning team will go on to compete at the STS Annual Meeting.

 Testimonial from Dr Priyad Ariyaratnam (winner 2017):

“Cardiothoracic surgery is a very competitive field that historically took the brightest medical graduates. Sometimes, as modern residents, we often avoid the theoretical side of our speciality to focus on the more practical aspects until it comes to exam time, when we find it’s too late. The EACTS Jeopardy competition is a fun way for residents to bridge that knowledge gap in a competitive and rewarding way.

Based on the popular family American quiz show, teams of 2 residents who have been shortlisted from a grueling timed online test (based on the American Board Exams) compete against other members of the European and Asian community to answer challenging questions on anatomy, physiology, the history of cardiothoracic surgery and operative techniques. The successful team wins a trip to the STS Competition in America.

I would strongly encourage residents to enter. When my team-mate and I won the Jeopardy Competition at the EACTS Annual Meeting in 2017, we were accommodated in Miami Fort-Lauderdale, socialised with the giants of cardiothoracic surgery across the Atlantic, and got up close and personal with alligators and dolphins in the Everglades. Who says learning has to be boring?”

Residents Luncheon – Have lunch with us!
Seize the opportunity to discuss emerging fields and the future of cardiothoracic surgery with renowned colleagues at lunch.

Career Development Session
Join our career development session and learn from experts in the field about how to promote your career with clinical and research fellowships abroad and profit from surgical mentoring!

Social Activities
Stay informed about EACTS Residents’ activities and the famous Residents’ social program! To learn more about EACTS Residents’ activities

Awards for Residents

We support academic activity for cardiothoracic and vascular surgical residents.  The EACTS Annual Meeting provides excellent opportunities for residents to learn and be recognised and rewarded for their successful scientific achievements.

The Work in Progress Session

This session is devoted to early-career clinicians and scientists as a platform to present their projects and preliminary results.

Awardee for 2018: Dr. M.Gilbers (Maastricht, The Netherlands): “The use of our current knowledge in understanding postoperative atrial fibrillation.”

Submit your work this year
Don’t miss the chance to receive feedback from renowned experts in the field, network with other scientists and to run for the AATS Foundation Academic Excellence Award for the most promising and innovative project.

For more information visit


Young Investigator Awards

To stimulate research, the EACTS has instituted prizes for the best manuscripts on topics of clinical or experimental research in the fields of Thoracic Surgery, Cardiac Surgery and Congenital Heart Disease presented by young investigators at the Annual Meeting of the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery.

To learn more and apply for this prestigious award visit



The Residents Committee helps The EACTS administer education and support residents in career planning through the following channels.

Fontan Fellowships

The Francis Fontan Fund for Education aims to make independent and high-quality education accessible to EACTS members. The Francis Fontan Fund for Education is an EACTS organisation created to support educational opportunities, foster professional development and promote lifelong learning in cardiac and thoracic surgery for its members. The support for these educational activities will be granted in a transparent and fair manner and it will be subjected to strong governance procedures.

For further information, please visit the Francis Fontan Fund Page

Career Development Session

Join our career development session and learn from experts in the field how to promote your career with clinical and research fellowships abroad and profit from surgical mentoring!

EACTS Academy

The EACTS Academy provides training courses of the highest quality which are attended by delegates from all over the world. As an educational institution, our goal is to promote a non-dogmatic learning environment that brings together people, cultures and ideas from around the world, changing lives, and helping to transform through education. Find courses, build your training plan, and book according to your educational needs. Gain expert knowledge. Whether an experienced surgeon or still in training, if you want to deepen your specialist knowledge, our courses make it easy to identify and book the training you need.

For further information on the courses available please visit the EACTS Academy Calendar

Training management system (TMS)

Keep your surgical career on track through the EACTS online Training Management System, a tool designed for residents, trainers and heads of training to monitor progress and evaluation throughout a resident’s training programme. The Training Management System is a user-friendly platform that enables close coordination between residents and trainers, helping trainees to record their clinical and personal development, and trainers to access the resident’s development and provide evaluations. The heads of training will also have access to the platform to have an overview of performance of each resident year on year.

For further information please visit the Training Management System Page


We promote communication channels between Surgeons in Training and renowned specialists of cardiothoracic and vascular surgery fields.

EACTS Residents Zone
We want to meet you in person! Join us at the EACTS Booth’s Residents Zoneat the Annual Meeting. Find out how you can participate in shaping the future of CTS surgery in Europe, join us for a demonstration of the EACTS standardized Training Management System aiming at improvement and transparency of training conditions across Europe, and participate in simulation demonstrations and training activities organised at the EACTS Booth.

Residents Newsletter
To receive the EACTS Residents Newsletter join the EACTS residents mailing list and stay up to date for residents’ activities and networking opportunities.

Social Media

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Contact EACTS Residents

If you would like to contact the Residents Committee you can write an email to eacts-residents@eacts.co.uk


We encourage residents to become EACTS members and participate in the important work of educating others in the field of cardiothoracic surgery.

For more information please visit the MEMBERSHIP Page