Welcome Exhibitors

The EACTS trade exhibition is a crucial and highly efficient means of staying abreast of the latest advances in new-to-market technology, state-of-the-art products, innovations, and developments within the cardiovascular and thoracic markets. For participating companies, an exhibition booth provides the opportunity to connect with key industry stakeholders in one convenient location, showcasing new products and generating interest from both prospective clients and established customers.

Our trade show consistently draws qualified attendees, a significant portion of whom wield purchasing authority. Exhibitors and visitors value the chance for face-to-face interactions and the excitement surrounding new product introductions.

Here’s why you should consider exhibiting with us:

      1. Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry peers, potential clients, and decision-makers in your field. Build meaningful relationships and explore collaborations.
      2. Market Visibility: Boost your company’s visibility and reputation in the sector. Get noticed by a wide and relevant audience.
      3. Showcase Your Products/Services: Present your latest offerings, innovations, and solutions to a targeted audience eager to discover new products.
      4. Knowledge Exchange: Learn from industry experts, gain insights, and stay up to date with the latest trends and developments.
      5. Tailored Support: Our team is committed to ensuring your participation is seamless and successful. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

The Top 5 Countries with the Most Attendees at EACTS 2023:

      1. Germany
      2. USA
      3. Italy
      4. UK
      5. Netherlands

For the 2023 EACTS Annual Meeting, we had:

HCPs 3354
Exhibition Visitors 316
Industry Badges 1209
Video on Demand 77
TOTAL 4956 


In Lisbon this year, we are introducing an exciting innovation by combining the traditional exhibition area with the Learning Labs space. This marks the first time that the industry will have the opportunity to organise their own ‘Hands-on’ workshops, incorporating both wet and dry labs, along with various small practice sessions – all conveniently located in one place. These sessions will not form part of the official scientific programme of the Annual Meeting. We recommend that such training is limited to 10-15 people per session and offered to delegates on an invitation basis.

Notably, at the 37th EACTS Annual Meeting in 2023, 81 companies from 19 countries showcased their offerings across a sprawling 2238 sqm, representing diverse industries associated with cardiothoracic surgery. The Trade Exhibition, centrally positioned in the Centro de Congressos, Lisbon, is near the session rooms, ensuring convenient access for all attendees. Catering areas will be located in both halls.

For further details about the event venue, please refer to the official website: https://ccl.lisbonvenues.pt.

The exhibition is set to take place in Pavilion 1 and Rio Pavilion, promising an engaging and dynamic experience for both exhibitors and attendees.



The floor plan and booth application pack will be available in spring 2024. Once the floor plan and booth application pack are available, exhibitors registered in our database will be notified that applications are open.


Application Guidelines:

  1. To request booth space, please complete the Booth Application Form provided in the Booth Application Pack which will be issued in Spring 2024.
  2. Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis, in the order they are received.
  3. If your preferred booth location is already reserved by another company, we will inform you. Please note that multiple companies often express interest in the same booths.
  4. While EACTS strives to accommodate exhibitor preferences for booth location, we cannot guarantee specific placements. In cases of space or other logistical conflicts, EACTS reserves the right to assign space to exhibitors, adjust the floor plan, or relocate exhibits as needed, both before and during the exhibition.
  5. To ensure your application is considered, please submit a signed application form in scanned PDF format. We do not accept applications via email alone.

Link to floor plan: Spring 2024

Resources Not Affiliated With EACTS

Please be wary of companies ostensibly offering services for the EACTS Annual Meeting. Such companies typically imply that they are working with EACTS, but in reality are unauthorised.

Please note spam emails are currently being circulated about attendees lists and should be immediately deleted.

This particular company International Fairs Directory has no connection to EACTS at all.

Exhibitor List

We are eagerly anticipating the 38th EACTS Annual Meeting in Lisbon, scheduled for 9-12 October 2024. Our dedicated team is already hard at work to guarantee that this event continues to exemplify world-class science and education, which has become a hallmark of our Annual Meetings. As we strive to “NAVIGATE NEW HORIZONS” in the future of cardiothoracic surgery to raise the bar and improve patient outcomes, we invite you to join us.

Please have a look at the link below and see which industry partners signed up in 2023.



Innovate, Discover, Educate

Meeting Date: 9–12 OCTOBER 2024
Centro de Congressos, Lisbon
Exhibition Date: 10-12 October 2024

Contact Person: Mrs Elvira Lewis
Address: EACTS House, Madeira Walk,
Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1EU
Office Tel: +44 (0) 203 959 3110
Direct Line: +44 (0) 203 959 3115
Email: [email protected]

Please note: If you’ve expressed interest in participating in the 2024 trade exhibition and received an acknowledgement email from us, your information has already been added to our database. We will ensure that you receive relevant updates as soon as they become available.

Link to Exhibitor Manual 2024: June 2024
for reference: Exhibitors Manual 2023

Link to shell scheme 2024: January 2024

EACTS Learning Lab

Specialist training sessions will be held in the EACTS Learning Lab throughout the Annual Meeting. These ‘deep-dive’ workshops, including wetlabs, drylabs, simulation and other small practical sessions, will provide those attending with the opportunity to learn specialist techniques and draw on the knowledge of some of the world’s most experienced and expert surgeons.

Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in supporting the 2024 EACTS Learning Labs.


The EACTS trade exhibition is an important and most time efficient way to keep up to date with new to market technology, state of the art products, innovations and developments in the cardio-thoracic market.  The exhibiting companies are looking forward to meet the people that matter to their business in one place, demonstrate new products and attract interest from new prospects and existing customers.

Please see who has already signed up at: HTTP://WWW.JMCKSOLUTIONS.COM/AUTOMAP402/EACTS/2018/STRAIGHT.ASP