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As part of the EACTS commitment to advancing education and research in cardio-thoracic surgery, the Association offers awards each year in recognition of training and research excellence.

Award Field Application Deadline
Young Investigator Awards* Cardiac, Thoracic, Congenital 30 April 2023
Hans G Borst Award for Thoracic Aortic Surgery** Vascular 30 April 2023
EACTS/STS Award Vascular 30 April 2023
EACTS/GHC-PASCaTS Excellence Award for Rheumatic Heart Valve Repair & Aortic Reconstruction Cardiac 30 April 2023
Techno-College Innovation Award 12 September 2023

* Age limit applies: 35 years
** Age limit applies: 40 years

Application overview

All awards are based on self-nomination and application.  Application is via the EACTS/CYIM abstract submission site which will open 1 February 2023 and close 30 April 2023

History of Award Winners


Maximilian Luehr, Cologne, Germany, won the 2022 EACTS/STS AWARD with his work “Acute Type A Aortic Dissection in Adolescents and Young Adults under 30 Years of Age: Incidence, Etiology and Postoperative Outcomes of 139 cases from a large multi-centre cohort of 7914 patients” Abstract No. 111

2022 Maximilian Luehr Cologne, Germany
2021 Maximillian Kreibich Freiburg, Germany
Abstract No. 92
Downstream thoracic endovascular aortic repair following the frozen Elephant Trunk procedure
2020 Konstantin Von Aspern Leipzig, Germany
2019 Urszula Simoniuk Leipzig, Germany
2018 K Von Aspern Leipzig, Germany
2017 W Heo Seoul, Korea
2015 Bartosz Rylski Freiburg, Germany
2013 Hiroshi Kurazumi Ube, Japan
2019 Theodorus van Bakel Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2018 M Gilbers Maastricht, The Netherlands
2017 Fotois Pitoulis London, UK
2016 Isaac Wamala Boston, USA
2015 C Pisano Palermo, Italy


Francesco Irace, Rome, Italy, won the joint Hans G. Borst Award for Thoracic Aortic Surgery, together with Ilaria Chirichilli for their work “20-year follow up of Aortic Valve Reimplantation using the Valsalva graft” Abstract No. 459

2022 – Split Award Francesco Giosuè Irace – Speaker
Ilaria Chirichilli – Author
Rome, Italy
Rome, Italy
Abstract No. 459
20-year follow-up of Aortic Valve Reimplantation using the Valsalva graft
Amit Iyengar Philadelphia, USA
Abstract No. 1051
Mitral Regurgitation in Acute Type A Dissection: Management and Outcomes
2021 W. Heo Busan, Republic of Korea
Abstract No. 117
Quantification of visceral perfusion and impact of femoral cannulation in vitro model of aortic dissection
Yosuke Inoue Suita, Japan
Abstract No. 121
Novel computed tomography perfusion for patients with acute Type A dissection complicated by cerebral malperfusion
2020 Joon Chul Jung Seongnam-si, South Korea
2019 Josephina Haunschild Leipzig, Germany
2018 W Heo Seoul, Korea
2017 T Kruger & T Plonek Tubingen & Wroclaw
2016 Not awarded
2015 S Numata & K von Aspern
2013 Bartosz Rylski Philadelphia, USA
2012 Malakh Shrestha Hannover, Germany
2010 Pradeep Narayan Bristol, UK
2009 Davide Pacini Bologna, Italy
2008 Christian D Etz New York, USA
2007 Not awarded
2006 Christian D Etz New York, USA
2005 Martin Czerny Vienna, Austria
2004 – Split award M Karck
F F Immer
Hannover, Germany
Bern, Switzerland
2003 – Split award K Kallenbach
S Melnitchouk
Hannover, Germany
Zurich, Switzerland
2002 F X Schmid Regensburg, Germany
2001 Marc Schepens Nieuwegein, Netherlands

F Pollari, Nuremberg Germany, won the 2022 Techno College Award

2022 Francesco Pollari Nuremberg, Germany
2021 H Fallouh Birmingham, UK
PerDeCT Device (Pericardial Device to monitor Cardiac output and diagnose Tamponade) for cardiac surgery
2020 Not awarded
2019 Max Emmert Zurich, Switzerland
2018 E Tutungi Malvern, Australia
2017 R Gottardi Salzburg, Vienna
2016 Max Kuetting  (Nvt GmbH) Nvt Gmbh, Hechingen, Germany
2015 Bartosz Rylski Freiburg, Germany
2014 Peyman Sardari Nia Maastricht, The Netherlands
2013 Vinayak Bapat London, UK / New York, USA
2012 Per Steinar Halvorsen & Erik Fosse Oslo, Norway
2011 Raoul Quintero MAQUET CV, Wayne, USA
2010 Georg Nollert Siemens AG, Forcheim, Germany
2009 E M Boyle PleuraFlow Catheter Systems, USA
2008 Jean-Marie Vogel Pleuromed, Woburn, USA
2007 Milo Simcha Rehovot, Israel


T. Langenaeken, Leuven, Belgium, won the 2022 YOUNG INVESTIGATOR AWARD – ADULT CARDIAC with his work “In vivo performance of a trileaflet heart valve prosthesis in an ovine model” – Abstract No. 446


W. Woo, SeoulRepublic of Korea, won the 2022 YOUNG INVESTIGATOR AWARD – THORACIC with his work “Predictive scoring system for the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer Grade 3 among Stage I pulmonary non-mucinous adenocarcinoma: the MOSS score” Abstract No. 544

2022 T. Langenaeken Leuven, Belgium Cardiac
Abstract No. 446
In vivo performance of a trileaflet heart valve prosthesis in an ovine model
D. Aronowitz Philadelphia, USA Congenital
Abstract No. 132
Early Impairment of Cerebral Bioenergetics after Cardiopulmonary Bypass in Neonatal Swine
W. Woo SeoulRepublic of Korea Thoracic
Abstract No. 544
Predictive scoring system for the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer Grade 3 among Stage I pulmonary non-mucinous adenocarcinoma: the MOSS score
2021 Y. Ahmed Ann Arbor, USA Cardiac
Abstract No. 110
Patient-specific computational modelling of different cannulation strategies for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
F. Rijnberg Den Haag, Netherlands Congenital
Abstract No. 883
Are 16 20mm extracardiac conduits adequate for adolescent Fontan patients?
Y. Yan Shanghai, China Thoracic
Abstract No 23
NRAS expression is associated with prognosis and immune cells infiltrating in lung adenocarcinoma
2020 Takashi Kakuta
Sara Ricciardi
Rodrigo Sandoval Boburg
Suita-shi, Japan
Bolgona, Italy
Tuebingen, Germany
2019 Alvise Guariento
Diana Bacchin
Takashi Yasukawa
Padova, Italy
Viareggio, Italy
Suita-shi, Japan
2018 K Benke
O Harrisson
M Buchko
F Caldaroni
K Vitanova
Budapest, Hungary
Southampton, UK
Edmonton, Canada
Milan, Italy
Munich, Germany
Cardiac, split award
Cardiac, split award
Congenital, Split award
Congenital, Split award
2017 C Bening
PAJ  Beckers
N Nichay
Würzburg, Germany
Edegem, Belgium
Novosibirsk, Russia
2016 Marie Maagaard Congenital
2015 H Kitahara
K Kehoe
D Dorobantu
Ayaon Albarran
Tokyo, Japan
Edegem, Belgium
Bristol, UK
Madrid, Spain
2013 Ruben   Ruben Osnabrugge Rotterdam, Netherlands Cardiac
Priyadharshanan Ariyaratnam Hull, UK Thoracic
Ai Sugimoto Shizuoka City, Japan Congenital
2012 Bartosz Rylski Freiburg, Germany Cardiac
Priyadharshanan Ariyaratnam Cottingham, UK Thoracic
Patrick Myers Geneva, Switzerland Congenital
2011 Sandro Sponga Quebec, Canada Cardiac
Willem Den Hengst Antwerp, Belguim Thoracic
2010 Mathieu Stadelmann Berne, Switzerland Cardiac
Soichiro Funaki Suita, Japan Thoracic
Jacek Kolcz Krakow, Poland Congenital
2009 Can Yerebakan Rostock, Germany Cardiac
Peyman Sardari Nia Antwerp, Belgium Thoracic
Benjamin Herdrich Pennsylvania, USA Congenital
2008 Christian Klopsch Rostock, Germany Cardiac
Edward W K Peng Glasgow, UK Congenital
2007 Heyman Luckraz Cardiff, UK Cardiac
Hyun-Sung Lee Goyang, South Korea Thoracic
Edward J Hickey Toronto, Canada Congenital
Marcin Malinowski Katowice, Poland Experimental
2006 MN Giraud Bern, Switzerland Cardiac
Isabelle Opitz Zurich, Switzerland Thoracic
Edward John Hickey Portland, USA Congenital
2005 Munir Boodhwani Boston, USA Cardiac
Patrick Tansley London, UK Thoracic
2004 T Schachner Insbruck, Austria Cardiac
M de Kraker Rotterdam, Netherlands Thoracic
2003 H Ott Innsbruck, Austria Cardiac
T Walles Hannover, Germany Thoracic
2002 M Grapow Basel, Switzerland Cardiac
S Quadri Cork, Ireland Thoracic
2001 Alexander Kadner Zurich, Germany Cardiac
2000 S M Wildhirt Munich, Germany Cardiac
V V Sokolov Kiev, Ukraine Thoracic
1999 J Schneider Leipzig, Germany Cardiac
W Wisser Vienna, Austria Thoracic
1998 P Brenner Munich, Germany Cardiac
R Gasparri Leuven, Belgium Thoracic
1997 O Goedje Germany Cardiac
W Wisser Austria Thoracic
1996 M Kamler Germany Cardiac
1995 Roberto Lorusso Italy Cardiac
H G Fieguth Germany Thoracic
1994 Marcello Migliore Italy Cardiac
I Mattila Finland Thoracic, split
B Kreitman France Thoracic, split
2014 Pietro Bertoglio Verona, Italy
2013 Sowmya Ramanan Chennai, India
2011 Anil Bhattarai Nepal
2010 Gábor Veres Budapest, Hungary
2009 Fabio Ius Udine, Italy
2008 Munir Boodhwani Ottawa, Canada
2007 Michael W.A. Chu London, Canada
2006 Iki Adachi Osaka, Japan
2005 Vijaya Nayak Chennai, India
2004 György Lang Budapest, Hungary
2003 Toth Zsolt Pecs, Hungary
2002 Edvin Prifti Tirana, Albania
2001 Qin Yan Shanghai, China
2000 Arpad Pereszlényi Bratislava, Slovakia
1999 Gordon Cohen Los Angeles, USA
1998 Paolo Masetti Modena, Italy
1997 Malcolm Underwood Bristol, UK
1996 Rimantas Benetis Kaunas Lituania
1995 Francisco Tritto Napoli, Italy
2015 Ulrich F W Frankie
2013 Thierry Carrel Bern, Switzerland
2012 Simon Kendall Middlesbrough, UK
2011 Alfred Kocher Vienna, Austria
2011 Kazumichi Yamamoto Kyoto, Japan
2008 Ferenc Renyi-Vamos Budapest, Hungary


Shannon Crotwell, Charlotte, USA, won Best presentation during the Nurse and Nurse Physician Postgraduate Education Course 2022 

2022 Shannon Crotwell Charlotte, USA
2016 Doa El-Ansary Melbourne, Australia
2017 Constantine D Mavroudis Innsbruck, Austria
2016 Arnaud van Linden Bad Nauheim, Germany
2015 P. Youssefi London, UK
2013 Sulman Rafiq Copenhagen, Denmark
2012 Emiliano Navarra Brussels, Belgium
2011 Laurent De Kerchove Brussels, Belgium
2010 Kenji iino Kanazawa, Japan
2009 Nestoras Papadopoulos Frankfurt, Germany
2008 Joerg Kempfert Leipzig, Germany
2007 Feyzan Ozaslan Frankfurt , Germany
2006 Payam Akhyari Hannover, Germany
2005 B Meuris Leuven, Belgium
2004 P M Dohmen Berlin, Germany
2003 C Huber Lausanne, Switzerland
2002 Rafael Garcia Fuster Valencia, Spain
2001 S P Hoerstrup Zurich, Switzerland
2000 I Knez Graz, Austria
1999 F Maisano Milan, Italy
1998 P Herijgers Leuven, Belgium
P Totaro Brescia, Italy
1997 I Zhouravliova Kemerovo, Russia
R Cesnjever Erlangen, Germany
2006 C Van De Leuven, Belgium
2005 A Neyrinck Leuven, Belgium