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MSc Statistics for Clinical Trials at UCL


  • Grant: €17,500
  • Duration: 2 years (part time)



This Fellowship will allow the successful candidate to study Statistics in the context of clinical trials by completing the online MSc Statistics for Clinical Trials at University College London.

Fellowship overview

Statistics is a key tool in clinical trials, which are essential in discovering whether new healthcare interventions improve patients’ lives. Statistics is used at the design stage to compare possible designs, calculate the sample size, and at all trial stages until the final analysis and reporting of results.

This online programme will provide an excellent grounding in statistics for clinical trials. Frequentist, as well as Bayesian statistics, will be covered. EACTS Fellow will learn about all types of trials, from early to late phase trials and simple to complex interventions. This will be both from a design and analysis perspective. In addition, EACTS Fellow will learn to code in R and STATA.

Graduates of this programme will be prepared to pursue careers in the academic field or further study at the PhD level. Clinicians taking this programme will be equipped to be involved in clinical trials and fully engage with statisticians.

Compulsory courses: Methodological and statistical core courses: 6 months

Research project: Individual research project : 4-6 months

The successful candidate will have up to 2-years to complete the 1-year course.

Specific Learning Objectives

· Produce figures and tables that display the results of analyses clearly and appropriately

· Interpret the results of statistical models applied to clinical trials data

· Conduct simulations and perform advanced sample size calculations to inform clinical trial design

· Perform fixed-effect and random-effects meta-analyses, interpret results, and understand the different model assumptions

· Perform a health economics analysis based on clinical trial data

Learning Objectives

· Solid understanding of the general principles of inference to perform estimation on parameters of a distribution

· Ability to specify statistical models that are used in clinical trials

· Familiarity and ability to code in STATA and R

· Strong understanding of statistical principles underlying trials with advanced designs (e.g. group sequential, multi-arm, multi-stage)

· Understanding of statistical principles in advanced meta-analyses


The Master’s programme is composed of a series of modules:

• Introduction to Clinical Trial Designs and Statistical Analyses

• Statistical Coding in Clinical Trials

• Statistical Inference and Models in Clinical Trials

• Further Trial Designs and Outcomes

• Advanced Clinical Trials Statistics

• Health Economics in Clinical Trials

• Meta-Analysis in Clinical Trials

• Research Project and Dissertation

Additional information can be found on the UCL website


€17,500 – Entry fee for MSc Statistics for Clinical Trials

Eligibility Criteria

· Last year of training or first five years of independent practice

· EACTS member

· Good use of English (B2)

· Have attended EACTS Academy courses in the past

· Have attended EACTS Annual Meetings in the past

Selection criteria

  • Letter of interest describing training objectives and interests
  • Letter of support from current supervisor
  • Curriculum Vitae, including pertinent publications
  • A fellow of the EBCTS will be valued


Evaluation & Feedback

MSc Degree

Upon completion of the fellowship the candidate is expected to write a report, which is presented at the following EACTS annual meeting.

Applications for this fellowship are now closed.