One of the key factors in EACTS’ success was its commitment to promoting education and research in cardiothoracic surgery. The Association organised its first Annual Meeting in 1987, which has since become a flagship event for the global cardiothoracic community.  

Over the years, the Annual Meeting has grown in scale and scope, attracting thousands of delegates from all over the world and featuring a diverse range of scientific sessions and workshops. 

Membership has now spread all over the world with nearly 4000 active members including surgeons, perfusionists and allied health professionals. 
The Association has been at the forefront of advocating for the highest standards of patient care and safety, as well as promoting ethical and professional conduct within the field. EACTS has also been a leading voice in influencing healthcare policies and regulations that impact cardiothoracic surgery.  
EACTS has continued to evolve and adapt to the changing landscape of cardiothoracic surgery. The Association has embraced technological advancements and incorporated them into its educational programmes, with a focus on promoting innovation and excellence to improve outcomes in patient care. 

EACTS Presidents

2023 – 2024Franca Melfi
2022 – 2023Patrick Perier
2021 – 2022Friedhelm Beyersdorf
2020 – 2021Mark Hazekamp
2019 – 2020Peter Licht
2018 – 2019Ruggero de Paulis
2017 – 2018Marian Zembala
2016 – 2017Miguel Sousa Uva
2015 – 2016Friedrich-Wilhelm Mohr
2014 – 2015Martin Grabenwöger
2013 – 2014Paul Van Schil
2012 – 2013Jose Luis Pomar
2011 – 2012Ludwig K. von Segesser
2010 – 2011Ottavio Alfieri
2009 – 2010Pascal Vouhe
2008 – 2009Erino A. Rendina
2007 – 2008Paul Sergeant
2006 – 2007Siegfried Hagl
2005 – 2006Tom Treasure
2004 – 2005Torkel Aberg
2003 – 2004James Monro
2002 – 2003Walter Klepetko
2001 – 2002Marko Turina
2000 – 2001Marcos Murtra
1999 – 2000Joachim Hasse
1998 – 1999David Wheatley
1997 – 1998Eugene Baudet
1996 – 1997Ernst Wolner
1995 – 1996Toni Lerut
1994 – 1995Hans Borst
1993 – 1994Armand Piwnica
1992 – 1993Jaroslav Stark
1991 – 1992Ramiro Rivera
1990 – 1991Maurizio Cotrufo
1989 – 1990Hans Huysmans
1988 – 1989Fritz Sebening
1987 – 1988Keyvan Moghissi
1986 – 1987Francis Fontan

EACTS Annual Meetings

MeetingYearDatesCity, Country
38th2024October 9-12Lisbon, Portugal
37th2023October 4-7Vienna, Austria
36th2022October 5-8Milan, Italy
35th2021October 13-16Barcelona, Spain
34th2020October 8-10Online only
33rd2019October 3-5Lisbon, Portugal
32nd2018October 18-20Milan, Italy
31st2017October 7-11Vienna, Austria
30th2016October 1-5Barcelona, Spain
29th2015October 3-7Amsterdam, The Netherlands
28th2014October 11-15Milan, Italy
27th2013October 5-9Vienna, Austria
26th2012October 27-31Barcelona, Spain
25th2011October 1-5Lisbon, Portugal
24th2010September 11-15Geneva, Switzerland
23rd2009October 17-21Vienna, Austria
22nd2008September 13-17Lisbon, Portugal
21st2007September 15-19Geneva, Switzerland
20th2006September 9-13Stockholm, Sweden
19th2005September 24-28Barcelona, Spain
18th2004September 12-15Leipzig, Germany
17th2003September 12-15Vienna, Austria
16th2002September 22-25 Monte Carlo, Monaco
15th2001September 16-19Lisbon, Portugal
14th2000September 7-11Frankfurt, Germany
13th1999September 5-8Glasgow, Scotland
12th1998September 19-22Brussels, Belgium
11th1997Sep 28 – Oct 1 Copenhagen, Denmark
10th1996September 6-9Prague, Czech Republic
9th1995September 24-27Paris, France
8th1994September 25-28The Hague, Netherlands
7th1993September 20-22 Barcelona, Spain
6th1992September 14-15 Geneva, Switzerland
5th1991September 22-25 London, UK
4th1990September 17-19 Naples, Italy
3rd1989October 9-11Munich, Germany
2nd1988September 12-14 Bordeaux, France
1st1987September 14-15 Vienna, Austria