Setting the strategy for the association to ensure we serve the needs of our members.

Council is responsible for ensuring compliance with our governing document, relevant legislation and best practice guidelines.

EACTS Council

Franca Melfi, President

Volkmar Falk, Vice-President

Patrick Myers, Secretary General

Joseph Bavaria, Treasurer

Dr Joseph Bavaria

Matthias Siepe, Editor-in-Chief

Filip Casselman, Acquired Cardiac Disease Domain Chair

Jürgen Hörer, Congenital Heart Disease Chair

Richard Milton, Thoracic Disease Domain Chair

Florian Schoenhoff, Vascular Disease Domain Chair

Patrick Perier, Immediate Past President

Jan Hendrik Ankersmit, Councillor

Rafael Sadaba, Education Committee Chair

Nabil Hussein, Residents’ Committee Chair

Nabil Hussein

Virginia Litle, International Councillor

Domains and Task forces 

Our four domains, representing the four main areas of practice of our members  – Acquired Cardiac Disease, Congenital Disease, Vascular Disease and Thoracic Disease – drive the Association’s mission of improving outcomes for patients with heart and lung conditions.

Task forces provide expert knowledge and experience within sub-specialty areas of each domain.

Our domains and task forces work hard to ensure we are addressing the most prevalent and important topics in cardiothoracic surgery across all strands of our activities, including the Annual Meeting scientific programme, EACTS Academy and publications.

EACTS Domains

Our committees

Our committees bring together members with specific interests and expertise, often applying across domains.

Their work is instrumental across a range of projects and programmes, from delivering better patient care through quality improvement, education and clinical guidelines to supporting an inclusive community by empowering women surgeons, allied health professionals and the next generation of surgeons.

There are currently nine committees. These include:

  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • Education
  • Francis Fontan Fund
  • Humanitarian
  • Quality Improvement Programme
  • Residents
  • Pre-trainee
  • Women in Cardiothoracic Surgery

Our committees bring together members with specific interests and expertise, often applying across domains.

Our executive team

Our executive team, based in Windsor, UK, includes dedicated professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, who support the breadth of activity within EACTS. The team provides critical support to our domains, task forces and committees and ensures we are well placed to meet the needs of our members.

Meet the team

Ikode Agbi, Event Assistant

Adrienn Bestel, Finance Director

Lucy Burden, Online Education Events Coordinator

Amanda Cameron, Programme & Registration Manager

Kirsty Clarke, Education Director

Chantal Crossland, Education Events Coordinator

Rachel Elewe, Office Manager and Executive Assistant to Chief Executive

Brendan Eley, Chief Executive

Stephanie Halksworth, Governance and Operations Manager

Archie Leitch, Editorial Assistant

Ash Merrifield, Publications Director

Clara Mealing, Education Events Manager

Mia Millson, Management Accountant

Rebecca Parsonage, Education Project Coordinator

Sharon Pidgeon, Events Director

Nisha Varma, Finance and Resource Assistants

Monika Wilusz, Digital Projects Manager

Giulia Zuodar, Guidelines Programme Manager

Deirbhile Mcquillan, Managing Editor

Jacqui Batchelor, Education Events Coordinator

Katie Bingham, Events Coordinator

Marina Lyda Gueli, Exhibition and Sponsorship Manager