Our Purpose

EACTS members recognise the crucial need for investment in research and development to leverage the latest technologies for patient benefit. This organisational Committee of EACTS has been established to harness the power of research and innovation to secure better outcomes for patients.

In line with EACTS’ Five Year Strategy, our purpose is to develop and maintain EACTS’ first Innovation Strategy, oversee the activities of the Innovation Hub, provide updates on research project performance, and guide the Association on innovation matters and grant distribution.

Driving forward the next generation of cardiothoracic surgery advancements

The EACTS annual Innovation Summit showcased ground-breaking innovations while also highlighting the challenges, particularly in regulation and finance. Moving forward, EACTS is committed to being a leader in clinical research and technological advancements; and by fostering collaborations with businesses and academic institutions, we aim to support the development of promising innovations.

To champion this mission, the Innovation Committee has been established to set a clear strategy and direct the activities of the EACTS Innovation Hub. By continuing to spearhead the important Innovation Summit, maintaining a robust grant process, and building key industry relationships, we aim to drive forward the next generation of cardiothoracic surgery advancements.

Apply today to join the Innovation Committee

EACTS members, researchers and scientists are encouraged to apply for this trailblazing committee. The following roles are available:

  • Acquired, Congenital, Thoracic and Vascular Domain Representatives

  • Allied Health Professional Representative

  • Resident Representative

  • Industry Representative

  • Active Researcher/Scientist