Vacancy: CPG Chair and Committee

Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) Committee Chair and Committee Members  

EACTS is the leading professional association for cardiothoracic surgeons and allied health professionals and is committed to providing the highest level of continuing educational activities for raising standards and helping improving outcomes for patients with cardiovascular, thoracic, and vascular disease. The purpose of the Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) Committee is to provide comprehensive and regularly updated clinical practice guidelines to assist patients and a wide range of healthcare practitioners in making effective decisions that will have a positive impact on patient outcomes and health-related quality of life.  

EACTS is seeking to appoint a Chair to lead the Committee and approximately 8 Committee members. 

Closing date 

The closing date for both Chair and Committee roles is 28 April 2023, 5 pm GMT. 

Chair role 

Read the information for applicants for the role description and person specification, and for information on the application and selection process. Please ensure you include in your application a completed Additional questions for applicants form. 


Committee member roles 

Read the information for applicants for the role description and person specification, and for information on the application and selection process. Please ensure you include in your application a completed Additional questions for applicants form.  

How to apply

Please apply via the EACTS Membership User Area

For instructions on how to apply via the EACTS User Area, please click here


If you have any questions please contact the Guidelines Programme Manager [email protected]

FFF Fellowships 2022-23 announced

We are delighted to announce the successful recipients of the 2022-23 Francis Fontan Fund Fellowship programme.

A high number of exceptional applications were received this year, reinforcing the programme’s prestigious reputation amongst the cardiothoracic community. This year’s programme includes seven new fellowships, offering more opportunities for surgeons to expand their knowledge and gain invaluable experience working with leading surgeons in their fields.

Congratulations to the following members:











  • Ukrainian Support: Anton Pechenenko, Maksym Rzhanyi, Volodymyr Demianenko and Viktoriia Tymoshenko


  • VATS: To be confirmed



Commenting on this year’s applications, Professor Ruggero de Paulis, Chair of the Francis Fontan Fund, said: “We have received an unprecedented number of outstanding applications to the Francis Fontan Fund this year – an increase of 80% in applications received compared to 2021. With 14 Fellowship Programmes to choose from I am proud to Chair the prestigious Francis Fontan Fund. It presents unparalleled opportunities for young surgeons to advance their education and careers in cardiothoracic surgery, learning from experts in their fields in some of the best institutions worldwide.

“It is very encouraging to see so many young surgeons from across Europe and beyond recognise the benefits of taking part in the Fellowship programme and being part of our global cardiothoracic community.”

Viktoriia Tymoshenko, one of the recipients of the Ukrainian Support Fellowship, said: “Let me express my sincere gratitude for such a unique opportunity to be chosen for fellowship in University Hospital Clinic de Barcelona and to be a part of your professional community. It has special meaning for me now when my country is attacked every day with thousands of people wounded. As young Ukrainian surgeons, I want to thank you for your contribution to the development and support cardiac surgery in Ukraine. I see the fellowship as an unrivalled chance to sharpen my knowledge, upgrade my professional skill and gain valuable experience from the leading specialists of hospital.”

Application for the 2023-24 Francis Fontan Fellowship programme will open in Spring 2023. Click here for more information about the programme.

EACTS WiCTS Committee at The 36th EACTS Annual Meeting

The Women in Cardiothoracic Surgery committee held a stimulating workshop at the 36th EACTS Annual Meeting – Embodied Leadership: The Hidden Dimension. The session explored the various ways that practising personal power can help to achieve objectives. We’re overjoyed that the workshop received a high rating!  

Introduced by Secretary General Patrick Myers and diversity expert Mira Vasic, participants were able to take part in practical exercises to for building confidence and resilience. Together, we learnt about the most common, unwritten masculine and feminine rules in the game of power and leadership. It was an honour to see Yolonda Colson in attendance, the 103rd  President and first female President of the American Association for Thoracic Surgery. 

26% of delegates were female at this year’s Annual Meeting and the WiCTS workshop was a first-of-its-kind session attended by 75 men and women. Empowering women surgeons to take up senior positions has become an important priority for EACTS. This workshop, and the WiCTS webinar series, helps to give women the inspiration and confidence to take leadership roles. 

Looking back on the success of the session, Chair of the WiCTS committee, Jolanda Kluin, said: “It was a great opportunity and a pleasure to discuss this topic with male and female surgeons at the Annual Meeting in Milan. I believe that creating an inclusive workplace, a place where everyone feels a sense of belonging, is an important requirement for high quality care.” 

At the Annual Meeting, the EACTS TV channel lifted the lid on sessions, giving the audience a chance to stay on top of hot topics and hear from key opinion leaders in more detail. The second episode of The Big Debate dissected equality and diversity in cardiothoracic surgery with expert panellists: Jolanda Kluin, Franca Melfi, Alicja Zientara, Martin Grabenwöger and Nabil Hussein. The full episode is available to watch via the EACTS Media Library here. 

The WiCTS committee recently launched a thought-provoking webinar series – The changing face of leadership: moving from diversity to inclusion. The series blends theory with practical information from experts and an array of guest speakers, offering vital tools to maintain influence and leadership as a cardiothoracic surgeon in the current landscape.  

Directed by Jolanda Kluin and moderated by webinar coach Maleene de Ridder, the series will run until May 2023 and is free for EACTS members. Non-members can participate for a small fee.  

Learn more about upcoming sessions and register here. 

Thank you to our sponsors for their ongoing support: AtriCure, Edwards and Medtronic.

Access world-leading education wherever you are

We’re excited to be extending the reach of the EACTS Academy by offering a number of courses in a new, hybrid format allowing delegates to participate regardless of location or circumstance.

Register today for the first hybrid course of 2023

Sign-up today for the three-day ‘Fundamentals in Coronary Artery Disease’ course and join course director Aaron Ranasinghe for the first session of this innovative series, which will explore the clinical aspects of coronary artery disease through an array of interactive lectures and hands-on sessions.

The course will run from 31 January – 2 February 2023 in Windsor and online.

More information about the course, registration fees and application can be found here.

EACTS Statement: Radial artery versus saphenous vein versus right internal thoracic artery for coronary artery bypass grafting: EJCTS publishes results of independent review.

Matthias Siepe, Editor in Chief, said: 


Today, EJCTS has published the results of an independent review of the meta-analysis entitled, Radial artery versus saphenous vein versus right internal thoracic artery for coronary artery bypass grafting, that was originally published in EJCTS in June 2022. 


The original paper by Gaudino et al. was based on a meta-analysis of individual patient data comparing outcomes using different grafts for coronary artery bypass surgery.  


Following publication of the original paper by Gaudino et al, several concerns were raised with us, including the appropriateness of the methodology that was selected for the analysis. After careful consideration, we commissioned Professor Nick Freemantle’s Comprehensive Clinical Trials Unit at the Institute of Clinical Trials and Methodology, University College London, to conduct a further review.  


Further analysis conducted by UCL showed that: 


  • The results were similar to those identified by Gaudino et al when using the same methodology, confirming that the data handling was numerically and statistically correct. 
  • Differences were noted between individual matched groups using propensity score matching across three groups. Supportive conventional analyses found was associated with better matching and didn’t find systematic difference on the outcome of mortality when comparing the different grafts used in CABG.  


This is an outstanding example of open science: editorials, letters to the editor and social media questioned a paper. The authors were open and shared their entire dataset and code, in compliance with the author guidelines, for independent re-analysis. These supporting analyses give a clearer picture of the robustness of the initial findings, and paint a clearer picture of how to interpret the results. 


We have published the additional analysis today in the interests of open science and to ensure as comprehensive a picture as possible is available publicly to help inform the best treatment options for patients. 


The original authors should be applauded for sharing their entire dataset and codes with us for re-analysis, and we will welcome further responses on this issue for publication in EJCTS.  


Read more here and here.

Register for the 6th EACTS MCS Summit

There is still time to register for the 6th EACTS Mechanical Circulatory Support Summit taking place in-person in Berlin, Germany from 17-19 November.

Join experts in the field for the three-day programme consisting of interactive lectures, live-in-a-box cases and keynote presentations on topics including preoperative optimisation and optimal treatment in advanced heart failure patients, telemedicine and new options for percutaneous LVAD use

The Summit Chairmen are Volkmar Falk (Berlin, Germany), Finn Gustafsson (Copenhagen, Denmark), Ivan Netuka (Prague, Czech Republic) and Jan Gummert (Bad Oeynhausen, Germany).

Volkmar Falk, said, “The field of MCS is rapidly evolving. Besides all aspects of VAD therapy, the 6th EACTS Mechanical Circulatory Support Summit will cover new concepts for short term assist in the treatment of cardiogenic shock, new devices and the latest developments for mechanical support in right heart failure. The use of organ perfusion systems, prolonged use of micropumps and state of the art in Xenotransplantation will be discussed in the context of VAD as bridge to transplantation. Inspiring lectures by the international leaders in the field and interesting live in box cases will ensure the leading role of the EACTS summit in the field of MCS.”

Last year’s Summit had over 200 attendees, with overwhelming positive feedback. Ninety-eight per cent of delegates who completed the evaluation agreed that the event had met their expectations and 100% would recommend to a colleague.

Find out more here.

EACTS Council Nominations 2022


The Council (also known as the Board of Trustees) is the governing, decision-making body of EACTS. The Council is made up of up to 15 members who each serve for set terms, in different capacities, acting at all times in the best interests of the Association, our members and ultimately the patients that we serve. Council meets at least four times a year and some members of Council may also serve other Committees or Domains that meet more frequently.

Each Councillor will serve a set term (normally of up to three years) and each year a number of new Councillors are appointed as the terms of current Councillors come to an end. Councillors to be appointed must complete a process of Nomination (detailed below), selection and eventually, ‘election’ by the members at the General Assembly in October 2022.

Vacant Council Positions 2022

This year the following positions on Council are to be filled.  A job description for each position is available by clicking on the title;

Vice President

Acquired Cardiac Disease Domain Chair

The Process of Nomination and Selection

To ensure as fair and transparent a process as possible, the EACTS Nominations Committee will oversee the Nomination and Selection process.  This year, the Committee is made up as follows;

  • Senior Past President; Ruggero de Paulis (Chairman)
  • Past President: Peter Licht
  • Immediate Past President: Mark Hazekamp
  • President: Friedhelm Beyersdorf
  • Secretary General: Rafa Sádaba

Any EACTS member can nominate a fellow member for a specified role on Council (there is no limit to the number of nominations a member can make). For avoidance of doubt, current Councillors, Domain and Task Force members may nominate, but members of the Nominations Committee may not.

In making a nomination, the person making the nomination must write a letter of support that includes;

  • a summary of the contribution that the person being nominated has made to his/her professional field,
  • the contribution made to the work of EACTS more broadly by the person being nominated, and
  • the skills and experiences the person being nominated will bring to Council and the specific role under consideration.

The person making the nomination should send a digital form of this letter, with a brief Curriculum Vitae of the person being nominated, to the Chair of the Nominations Committee via the dedicated EACTS e-mail address [email protected]

The closing date for Nominations is 6pm (CET) Friday 5 August 2022.

The Nominations Committee will consider all applications before making a recommendation to the EACTS Council.  Council will make the final decision as to those to be formally presented for election at the EACTS General Assembly on 7 October 2022 (Milan).

Vice President

The Vice President will be elected in October 2022 with a view to becoming President in October 2023 and serving a final year on Council as Immediate Past President from October 2024.

Domenico Pagano

We are very sad to learn of the untimely death of Domenico Pagano. As Secretary General of EACTS from 2017 to 2020, Domenico set about modernising the Association and ensuring the surgical voice was heard loud and clear. At the very successful 33rd EACTS Annual Meeting in 2019, he attracted global experts to update delegates on the very latest clinical trial data. Domenico was not only a first class surgeon, he was also a passionate advocate for the fair representation of the merits of cardiothoracic surgery and recent joint statements and collaborations with other societies are a testament to his work. In 2020, Domenico was invited to give the prestigious Thomas B Ferguson Lecture at the Society of Thoracic Surgeons 56th Annual Meeting in New Orleans. The subject he chose was close to his heart: data, evidence and transparency. The title of his lecture, MEGA – Make Evidence Great Again, an indication of his sense of humour and political awareness. His passion for cardiothoracic surgery and dedication to ensuring the best outcomes for patients were evident in his surgical practice at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham and from his speeches, and the work he led at EACTS. Many colleagues will remember his commitment to mentoring less experienced surgeons, helping them become great masters and leaders. His legacy lives on. 

Domenico will be hugely missed by everyone in the cardiothoracic surgical community. Our thoughts are with his partner and family, and his colleagues in Birmingham, Italy and around the world.  

May he rest in peace.