ACD: Access your bespoke Centre Report

Adult Cardiac Database: Download your Bespoke Centre Report


Bespoke Centre Reports are now available for participating hospitals using data from the Adult Cardiac Database. This report provides a detailed summary of the hospital’s data in the registry, including statistical charts, comparative data and benchmarking outcomes.

Hospitals can access their bespoke report by clicking on the ‘Centre Report’ button in the ACD tool ‘Downloads’ page. When prompted enter your login details and your report will automatically download.

If you have any questions about the data in your report, please contact [email protected]

To join the EACTS Quality Improvement Programme and access the EACTS Adult Cardiac Database, please contact [email protected]

New advanced benchmarking features available

The benchmarking outputs team has implemented a number of advanced features and rigorous data validation processes to improve statistical analysis and research. This includes:

• Information on how many records do not meet reasonable validation criteria
• Additional metrics for hospital comparison
• More detailed filters and procedures
• Statistical controls (mean + / – 1SD, 95% CIs and IQRs)
• Survival curves by individual procedures or all-cases
• An updated clinical support tool page
• An interactive updates page for participants

See below some screenshots of the advanced benchmarking features:

The ADULT CARDIAC DATABASE reaches 100,000 procedures


EACTS is pleased to announce that the Adult Cardiac Database now contains 100,000 cardiac surgical procedures in the benchmarking tool. Participating European hospitals have been submitting cardiac surgical data from 2010 onwards. This tool is accessible for surgeons to recognise the data and outcomes from their hospital, enabling them to draw comparable data analysis with other hospitals anonymously.