Achim Schneeberger

Achim Schneeberger  currently serves as Chief Medical Officer at ACCANIS Biotech, which develops mRNA therapeutics, a novel drug format, for common skin diseases. Following the study of medicine at the universities of Tübingen, Germany and Bordeaux II, France, he started his career at the Department of Dermatology, Medical University of Vienna, Austria. In 2005, Dr. Schneeberger joined the Laboratory of Prof. Yokoyama at Washington University, Saint Louis, to study the interactions between NK cells and cancer. Upon returning to Europe, Dr. Schneeberger joined AFFiRiS to build and lead their clinical department. As CMO, he was responsible for the clinical development of the company’s vaccine candidates. Under his lead, AFFiRiS initiated clinical programmess in the indications of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MSA and atherosclerosis covering a total of 18 clinical trials. He was instrumental for AFFiRiS being awarded with significant grants from the Michael J. Fox Foundation and the European Union.