Alessandro Giamberti

Alessandro Giamberti, Md, is a Professor in Paediatric Cardiac Surgery at the Cardiac Surgery School, University of Insubria, Varese, Italy. He graduated in Medicine ‘cum laude’ in 1986 from University La Sapienza, Rome, Italy and became a specialist in Cardiac Surgery ‘cum laude’ at University of Bologna, Italy. He worked at Policlinico San Donato, San Donato, Italy in the Cardiac Surgery Unit from 2000-2015, becoming Head of Congenital Cardiac Surgery Unit in 2015. Alessandro was previously Chairman of the Congenital Italian Society of Cardiac Surgery, 2016-2018 and is a current member of several European and worldwide scientific societies including EACTS and AATS. He has received awards in Cardiac Surgery, firstly the FEDERSPEV Award in Surgical Sciences in 1990, and then the Donatelli Award for Cardiac Surgery in 1991. His main interests are in neonatal cardiac surgery, Fontan operation, surgery of arrhythmias, adults with congenital heart disease and paediatric cardiac surgery, and cardiology in developing countries.