Eduard Quintana

Dr. Quintana trained in cardiovascular surgery at Hospital Clínic Barcelona, followed by a 2 year clinical fellowship at the Mayo Clinic Rochester MN. He is a consultant cardiovascular surgeon and associate professor of surgery at the University of Barcelona Medical School – Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. He is a teacher and coordinator in the Biomedical Engineering Degree at the University of Barcelona. He is currently in charge of the Cardiovascular Surgery and Postoperative Critical Care fellowship program and Coordinator of teaching activities at the Cardiovascular Institute of the Hospital Clínic. He is a Board Member, Secretary and Examiner of the European Board of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Examination. His clinical interests focus on diseases of the aorta,  hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, infective endocarditis and critical care.  Dr. Quintana has been a board member of the EACTS Vascular Domain, chair of the aortic dissection task force and is an active member of the cerebral/visceral protection task force of EACTS.  Dr. Quintana is a board member at the EACTS Francis Fontan Fund Fellowship and member of the EACTS Clinical Practice Guidelines.

CPG Committee Member; FFF Committee Member