Kalliopi Athanassiadi

Kalliopi Athanassiadi graduated from the German School of Athens and then studied at the Medical School of the University of Athens. She specialized in General Surgery at the General Hospital of Piraeus and in Cardiothoracic Surgery at the “EVANGELISMOS” General Hospital of Athens. She received her degree in Thoracic Surgery in May 1999. She worked in different centers abroad, such as the Grosshansdorf Hospital in Hamburg, Germany, the “Hotel Dieu” at the University of Montreal, Canada, and the Medical School of Hanover in Germany. In 2002 she became NHS consultant thoracic surgeon at the General Hospital Thoracic Diseases “SOTIRIA”in Athens. In 2004, at the invitation of Prof. A. Haverich, she organized the Department of Thoracic Surgery at the Medical School of Hanover, where she remained as the chief thoracic sugeon until 2007, when she returns to Athens working as a senior consultant thoracic surgeon. In 2013 she became the Head of the Thoracic Surgery Department until its merger with the Cardiac Surgery Departments in 2015. She served as the President of Hellenic Society of Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgeons and the Head of the Thoracic Surgery Team at the Hellenic Pulmonary Society. Active participation in European Companies as Regent of Greece and member of the Board of ESTS, member of the Thoracic Committee of EACTS, Co-founder of EACTS Academy in 2000, and coordinator of the Thoracic Surgery Course for 10 years. She also serves as an Examiner in European examinations and is the Secretary of the Thoracic Surgery Team of ERS. Organizer of Greek and European conferences. She has over 300 papers and 100 Lectures in Greek and international conferences, participation in the writing of more than 20 Greek and foreign language books and 99 Publications. She is a Reviewer for 8 foreign language medical journals, in 3 of them also a member of the Editorial Board. She is a member of various European scientific teams, a founding member of the non-governmental organization “Medical Intervention” and a member of many Greek and international surgical societies. She speaks 7 foreign languages.

CPG Committee Member