Marion Durand

Marion Durand M.D Ph.D is a cardio thoracic surgeon working in Paris. She is the head of thoracic surgery department in Hôpital Privé d’Antony where she started robotic thoracic surgery in 2014. She has developed a high volume robotic surgery program concerning mainly lung resection but also mediastinal tumors, œsophagus surgery and diaphragm plication. Since then, Durand has performed more than 1000 robotic major surgeries, focusing on advanced procedures such as complex lobar and sublobar resections, sleeve resections among others. She has signed numerous publications and communications about these topics. Since 2017, her department is Intuitive Surgical European Epicentre. She also started and supports the first European pediatric robotic thoracic program in Necker Enfants Malades Paris University Hospital. She has been volunteering for more than ten years in a franco-cambodian program at Phnom Penh public hospital.

Thoracic Domain Member, Robotic Surgery Task Force Chair 2021-2025