Miia Lehtinen

I am a last-year cardiothoracic surgery trainee at Helsinki University Hospital, Finland. I obtained an MD degree from the University of Helsinki, where I also completed my PhD studies. I spent 2.5 years as a postdoc researcher at Karolinska Institute in Sweden studying cardiac progenitor cells. I also have publications in coronary artery disease, cardiothoracic surgery training, and cardiac imaging. I was an EACTS Council member in 2017-2020, the chairwoman of the EACTS Residents Committee in 2018-2020, and currently I am a member of the EACTS Women in Cardiothoracic Surgery Committee. I am an assistant editor in EJCTS and an association editor in MMCTS. I recently started as the chairwoman of the Global Thoracic Surgery Residents Association.

Women in Cardio-Thoracic Surgery Committee Member 2022-2025; A Cut Above Podcast Host; MMCTS Associate Domain Editor; EJCTS Assistant Editor; Translational Research And Surgical Science Task Force Member 2023-2026