Moritz Wyler Von Ballmoos

Moritz C. Wyler von Ballmoos, MD, PhD, MPH is a Professor of Cardiac Surgery at the University Zurich & the University Hospital of Zurich where he is the Director of the Structural Heart Program & the Director of the Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery Program. He is an international contributor and thought leader in the management of valvular heart disease, mitral valve repair, atrial fibrillation, minimally invasive cardiac surgery, transcatheter therapies and quality improvement. With a background in statistics & epidemiology, Dr. Wyler von Ballmoos has been an investigator and contributor to numerous clinical trials for the treatment of aortic, mitral, and tricuspid valve pathologies, including landmark trials exploring transcatheter aortic and mitral valve replacements. He is appointed to multiple leadership positions within STS, EACTS, ACC, and ISMICS. Dr. Wyler von Ballmoos serves as the Vice Chair of the STS Workforce on Evidence Based Surgery, and in multiple other leadership positions for the STS Council on Quality, Research, and Patient Safety that oversees the STS National Database and its Quality efforts.

Mitral And Tricuspid Valve Surgery Task Force Member