Ramon Rami-Porta

Ramon Rami-Porta graduated from Barcelona University Medical School in 1980. He followed specialty training in thoracic surgery at the Jimenez Diaz Foundation, Madrid, and was board-certified in thoracic surgery in 1985. During his residency he also worked on a research project on malignant pleural effusion for his PhD degree that he received in 1986 from the Autonomous University of Madrid. In the last years of his medical training and during his residency, he visited several institutions in the United States of America for further training, and, as a certified thoracic surgeon, he was an overseas trainee at the National Cancer Centre in Tokyo. As a thoracic surgeon he worked in Barcelona and in Santiago de Compostela, and he has been attending thoracic surgeon at Hospital Universitari Mutua Terrassa, in Terrassa (Barcelona), since 1989. His major interests are lung cancer staging, surgical treatment of lung cancer, and thoracic oncology in general. He is a member of several national and international medical societies. In the Spanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery, he was a member of the group of coordinators of the Bronchogenic Carcinoma Cooperative Group (GCCB-S), a multicentre group whose project was to study lung cancer staging. He has been member of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer since 1990, is a member of its International Staging Committee, and was appointed Chair of this committee in 2009. He also is a member of CIBERES-Lung Cancer Group, a government-supported network study group on lung cancer.