Thomas Schlöglhofer

Thomas Schlöglhofer is a Biomedical Engineer and VAD Coordinator at the Center of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering and the Department of Cardiac Surgery, Medical University of Vienna, Austria, where he has worked since 2010. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering with distinction from the University of Applied Sciences Vienna in 2008. He has served on the board of the International Consortium of Circulatory Assist Clinicians (ICCAC) since 2015, as President in 2016 and as Past President in 2017. He has been a member of the EACTS VAD Coordinator Task force and Chair of the European Society for Artificial Organs (ESAO) – VAD Coordinator Symposium for three years. Thomas has presented several abstracts and invited lectures in national and international meetings, and published a number of original articles in peer reviewed journals. He received the Best Poster Award of the Austrian Society of Transplantation, Transfusion and Genetics in 2012, as well as the Helmut Reul Young Investigator Award of the International Society of Rotary Blood Pumps (ISRBP) in 2016, and is a reviewer for the “Artificial Organs” and “International Journal of Artificial Organs”.