Tim Graham

Tim Graham is Lead Associate Medical Director for Clinical Governance University Hospitals Birmingham and Heart of England Foundation Trusts, as well as Head of School of Surgery Health Education England West Midlands.

Tim was trained in Newcastle London Leicester Nottingham and Papworth Hospitals, and was previously a Consultant and Senior Lecturer at the Royal London Hospital and University of London. Tim has been the Chair of the UK National SAC in Cardiothoracic Surgery and Chair Joint Surgical Colleges Committee for Intercollegiate examination UK and Ireland and is current Chair of JSCFE – Joint Surgical Colleges international exams committee UK. He has been a member of the examiners panel for the Tripartite Fellowship examination (Far East) since 2003 and since 2013 is the Chair of the European Board of Cardiothoracic Surgery.

Tim has been joint founder with Mr Pala Rajesh of the Birmingham Review Course in Cardiothoracic surgery since 1994 and the Birmingham Professional Development Course, as well as joint founder and convenor of the Asian Cardiothoracic Surgery Specialty Update Course (ACSSUC) since 2006.

Tim’s research and special interests include mitral valve surgery, perfusion, management of cavo-atrial tumours, cardiothoracic trauma civilian and military, and the development and delivery of surgical education and assessment including selection and workforce planning. Recently he has been more involved with National Cardiac surgery audit and outcomes monitoring in the UK.

Finally Tim is a lead surgical assessor for NCAS and the Heath Ombudsman in England and Scotland.