Yuri Ganushchak

Yuri Ganushchak is a senior perfusionist in the department of Extracorporeal Technology at Heart and Vascular Centre, Maastricht University Medical Centre, the Netherlands. He graduated cum laude from medical school at the Crimean Medical Institute in 1976 and received a degree in general surgery by the Kiev Institute of Physicians in 1981. Later, after 2 years training in Kiev Institute of Thoracic Surgery and Tuberculosis, received a specialization in thoracic surgery. However, in 1984 he accepted an invitation from Kiev Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery and was trained as physician-perfusiologist. In 1985 after an extramural study he graduated from Kiev University with a cum laude diploma in philosophy, Yuri became a Doctor in Anesthesiology by the Kiev Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery in 1989 by his research in gas emboli during cardiac surgery interventions.  Since 1992 he is employed as a senior perfusionist in Maastricht University Medical Centre. In 2014 his investigations in the area of extracorporeal technology resulted in his second doctoral degree.