Fabio Barili

Fabio Barili graduated at the University of Milan in 2000 as a medical doctor and in 2005 as a cardiac surgeon. In 2005 he completed a postdoctoral fellowship in minimally invasive surgery at the Columbia University and he obtained a Ph.D. degree in Surgery and Transplantation in 2008. Fabio completed his training focusing on percutaneous intervention for mitral valve disease. He also developed a keen interest in statistical methods and in 2009 he obtained a Master Degree in Health Statistics and Biometry in 2009. Currently, he is a surgeon of the Department of CardioVascular Surgery at S.Croce e Carle Hospital in Cuneo, Italy and the vice-president of the scientific committee of the Italian Society of Cardiac Surgery. His areas of interest are structural valve disease, minimally invasive surgery, statistical methods applied to cardiovascular field and the critical appraisal of scientific evidences.